Travel Pic from the Road: Road Trip Around New Zealand

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Cruising in New Zealand

Photo by:  Josh

Date: September 2014

Location:  South Island of New Zealand

Equipment:  Nikon D3200

New Zealand is a true adventurers dream.  It’s easily one of the most majestic places we have ever seen.  Every turn you make in New Zealand is like another scenic postcard picture.

We only had 10 days to road trip around and explore the South Island of New Zealand, so we decided to rent an RV, which really is the best way to see this beautiful country and see this beautiful island for ourselves!

This picture was actually taken from inside our RV, on the passenger side, while driving down the highway.  Liz was driving as I was snapping pictures.  The colors are just amazing.  It was just becoming Spring, and the snow on top of the mountains and the crystal clear glacier lake makes this untouched photo beautiful.

I love this picture and have been told that it is very inspiring to travelers, especially those who love a good road trip.  Where will the road lead you?

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2 thoughts on “Travel Pic from the Road: Road Trip Around New Zealand”

  1. New Zealand looks incredible. It’s definitely one of my big goals to go there and when my brother returned two years ago, I was sold, for he told so many awesome stories. The landscape definitely must be breath-taking. Lovely photo.

    1. Hi Julia,

      Thanks for checking it out. You have to find a way to get to New Zealand. Lovely country and just amazing landscapes!


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