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Geocaching Cambodia – Angkor Wat (Temple of Butterflies)

A Geocache Off the Tourist Path Angkor Wat can be very overwhelming at times.  The shear size and the amount of people will surprise you at first.  We were temple hopping and knew that there were a hand full of Geocaches around the temples.  We saw that there was a...

A Lively Journey to Bob Marley’s Hometown in Nine Mile, Jamaica

“We not comparin’, we just sharin’!”  Those were the words of our guide, Gary, as he told us stories about his homeland of Jamaica while the rhythmic sounds of legendary Bob Marley vibrated loudly throughout the bus.  The Zion Bus couldn’t be missed; this “country...

Getting Hopped Up on Candy and Riding Splash Mountain? We’re In!

Ah, fall is my favorite time of year.  The variety of colors, chill in the air, smell of warm fires from neighborhood chimneys, and one of my favorite holidays; Halloween.  Now, those of you who know me know that I’m a big ol' chicken and don’t like scary movies or...

A Biking Adventure in the Hong Kong Countryside

Peddling through the Hong Kong countryside I thought to myself, “Who’s dumb idea was this?” as I slowly peddled my way up a steep hill, sweating profusely, may I add, under the hot afternoon sun.  “Oh yes, duh…it was mine,” I reminded myself as cars whiz...

Geocaching Scotland – Scottish Highlands

After a long exciting day driving along the back country roads in Northern Scotland, we finally arrived at the small town of Ballachulish and the Ballachulish Hotel.  This extremely small town in northern Scotland felt like it had a population of 100 people.  It was a...

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