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SweetWater Brewing Company – Atlanta, GA – Brew Tour

If you happen to be in Atlanta, be sure to check out the SweetWater Brewing Company.  The brewery is located in a convenient location, just North of midtown right off of I-85.  They hold FREE tastings on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm...

Geocaching on the Abe Lincoln Parkway, Kentucky

To us, the best part of any road trip is getting off the main path and driving the scenic back roads to get to the destination. So when Liz and I decided to go on a road trip to Indiana for a geocaching event, we jumped at the opportunity to drive some of Kentucky's...

Experience Scotland’s Beauty

One word comes to mind when we think about Scotland, WOW!  It is such a magical, wonderful, and mysterious land full of amazing vistas and friendly people.  From the green, expansive lowlands, to the stunning, cloud shrouded highlands.  Everywhere you go in Scotland...

Have a Bierschnaps in Toronto’s Historic Distillery District

As we near the end of our first day visiting the beautiful metropolis of Toronto, we knew that we could not leave without seeing the Toronto Distillery District.  The district was highly recommended by all in Toronto, so of course we had to discover it for ourselves. ...

Switzerland Travel: Scenic, Thrilling,…and There’s Cheese!

I absolutely love Switzerland!  Perhaps it is my Swiss heritage, I'm not sure, but there is just something about this place that speaks to me.  Of course, the alpine scenery is stunning, and I am a sucker for gorgeous mountain vistas, waterfalls, and lush green...

Geocaching 101: What is Geocaching? A Treasure Hunt Around the World

What is Geocaching?  Well, do you enjoy playing games?  How about solving puzzles?  Do you like watching the Amazing Race or movies like Indiana Jones or National Treasure?  If so, then check out the coolest game you have probably never heard about...Geocaching! What...

Going With the Flow: One Crazy Bus Ride in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Here we are, sweltering in the harsh mid-day sun and standing on the side of a busy road in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...staring at our broken down bus.  Where we are exactly, who knows; somewhere between downtown and Batu Caves, the famous Hindu site just outside the...

The Sunrise of a Lifetime: At Angkor Wat, Cambodia

As our feet walk across the ancient stone pathway, our flashlights save us from tripping while we climb into the temple.  It is pitch dark and all we see are specks of light from other flashlights in the invisible crowd.  We can’t see the other people, but we hear...

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