Top RV Blogs You Need to Follow

As travelers who enjoy the RV lifestyle, we’ve found that there are some great RV blogs out there to follow for useful information, tips and inspiration.  So similar we’ve created a small list of some of our favorite RV blogs that we follow.  Each blog is a little different and has something to offer to everyone.  Some of them are quite personal and just for a hobby, others are more professional in nature while there are also a few business blogs included too.  But regardless, we’ve found great information on all of them!

Our Favorite RV Travel Blogs to Follow

Heath & Alyssa

These two are also some of our favorite RVers to follow, and we also see a lot of us in them as we were newly married when we sold everything to travel the world!  They share some great info on their blog and their videos are great as well.  Plus they run the super valuable RV Entrepreneur Podcast and hold a summit each year!


Nuventures Travels 

RV blog list can not be done without mentioning our good friends Adam and Lindsey from Nuventure Travels.  They met at University of Georgia and life has been an adventure ever since.  Adam also runs his NuventureCPA and together these guys are just awesome and we love to follow there adventures.


Drivin’ & Vibin’

Some of our favorite RVer, Olivia, Kyle, and soon to be a 3rd addition.  This is a great resource to find all those amazing off the grid spots.  They seem to find some pretty amazing spots on the road and we’ve taken their advice a few times and appreciated their pics and videos to set our expectations!


RV Habits

A great resource for new and old RVers alike.  This blog is full of great how-to processes and even has some really great RV Checklists for you to download.


Go RVing

Go RVing is a community of bloggers who share their personal experiences and travel tips learned along the road.





Everything you need to know about your RV technology, these guys know all about it.  Great resource for upgrading your technology in your RV. We’ve definitely looked to them for advice a number of times!

Soulful RV Family 

This RV family is a great RV blog to follow.  They share their tips and tricks to RVing with a family of 5.



Gone with the Wynns


Jason and Nikki recently went from RV to boat life.  They have a lot of great info on RVing full time as a couple.  Def a great resource.



RV Family Travel Atlas

One of the best resources out there for RV travel.  They also run a great RV Travel Podcast with some fun topics that you should find interesting.

The Good Sam Blog

The Good Sam blog is a great resource for all RVers on the road or planning your next big RV road trip. And if you aren’t Good Sam members, it’s definitely something to check out for discounted rates on RV parks and more.

Love Your RV

A great RV Travel blog that is full of great info for RV travelers.  This blog is full of great info on updating and maintain your RV.

Do it Yourself RV


Are you looking for RV Travel Tips?  Do It Yourself RV is the site you are looking for.  Great RV Tips can be found here.

Roads Less Traveled

A great RV blog that is constantly active and bringing us great RV info on top places to stay around the US.  We love to follow them along the RV adventures around the US and look forwards to their recommendations.


RV Love


RV Love is one of our favorite RV blogs out there.  We see a lot of us in them, in fact, after we bought our Jeep Cherokee tow vehicle we discovered that these two had the same vehicle.  These two are a must follow for sure.

The General RV Blog

This blog is a great resource for RV 101 topics and tips.  We all can use some great general tips to get going on your RV travels.




Another fun RV blog from a cute couple traveling in their 1963 Airstream.  They share some great boondocking sites and ideas for everyone.


Outside Our Bubble

These guys are a great RV blog to add to your list to follow.  These guys have a great YouTube channel as well that you should def add to your subscription list.


Your RV Lifestyle

Jose and Jill are a couple that hit the while still being a part of corporate America.  They share some great info that is helpful for everyone.  Also they have a jobs board on their site for RV Travelers.


Follow Your Detour

Another great RVing couple to follow are the McKenzies’.  They are sharing some great tips along their detour with their 2 dogs.  Def worth following.

Currently Wandering

This traveling family is a great blog to follow.  They are currently splitting time between their condo in Idaho and the road.  This is such a cute family to follow.


RV Daily Report

RV Daily Report is more of a RV newsfeed that has everything to do with the RV industry.  If you are adding RV blogs then this is a good resource to have access to to keep up all things related to RV Industry.


More than a Wheelin


A fun full time RV couple that shares some good info about RV living and working on the road.  We see a lot of the similarities to us and our story.


The Fit RV

We all need a little guidance to a healthy RV life and these guys are our go-to for that.  A great place to get some RV workout ideas.  Def check these guys out.

Our Wandering Family


Another great RV traveling family that you need to follow.  They are always sharing some great info on cities they have traveled to.  Fun family to follow for sure.

Did we miss an RV Blog that you enjoy?

There are so many great RV blogs out there to follow.  Some have more detailed info on RV living and some will give you some great ideas on places to go and how to get there.  Did we miss anyone you enjoy reading?  Let us know in the comments below.  


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