Top Dog Parks in the USA (Including Hana’s Faves)!

There are some awesome dog parks in the USA.  The U.S. is loaded up with unlimited choices for you to take your little dog to ensure they work out, mingle, and take a long rest when they return home. Here’s a round-up of some the best dog parks in the USA (including a few of Hana’s favorites!).

Check out these Top Dog Parks in the USA

Beneful Dream Dog Park – Alabaster, Alabama

Beneful Dream Park tops the list of top dog parks USA. Alabaster is the second city in the country to have a Beneful Dream Dog Park. The $500,000 dog park was opened on July 12, 2012. This dog park is covered with turf, highlights separate off-areas for little and large dogs, water sprinkle pads, passages and bands, a football field, a walking area and more. There are seats and shade for dog guardians. Dogs love to be here because of its wide area.

Loch Haven Dog Park – Hoover, Alabama

This park includes an off-chain fenced region for little and big dogs alike and their owners. It incorporates a dog obstacle activity area, a .4 mile strolling track and a picnic place with a substantial entertainment field. Dogs love to run and one thing which bring more dogs to this place is its wide space for dogs to run around.

Jackass Acres K-9 Korral – New River, Arizona

Jack Ass Acres K-9 Korral is the country’s first sustainable dog park. Everything is constructed altogether from reused and re-utilized material. The individual’s park has no grass and rather includes a desert theme to spare water. Smooth rock isn’t unpleasant on pooch’s paws. Drinking fountains and lights work by sunlight based power. Seats and tables are cut from fallen tree appendages.

Cosmo Dog Park – Gilbert, Arizona

Cosmo Dog Park is an uncommon desert spring that has caught and commended the one of a kind bond among dogs and people. The blocks and bricks are a reasonable case of the unbreakable bond that springs up at the recreation center, as people and dogs blend – dashing and playing – in a sheltered and free atmosphere. Everywhere you go in the park, you see the dogs enjoying and celebrating.

Bentonville Bark Park – Bentonville, Arkansas

The Bentonville Bark Park is a 1.3-section of land off-leash recreation zone for puppies and dog lovers, only west of the North Bentonville Trail. The main role is to give exercise and socialization chances to our four-legged companions while promoting dog ownership through occasions and projects. The fenced in zone incorporates separate segments for extensive dogs, little puppies, and an agility course.

Rosie’s Dog Beach – Long Beach, California

Long Beach is home to the main off-leash dog shoreline in L.A. Area, CA. This 3-section of Land Park is situated at the waterfront among Roy croft and Argonne Avenues, a couple of squares in the east of the Olympic pool. Rosie’s Dog Beach is amongst the top dog parks USA. Just a single dog per person is allowed, and no forceful and aggressive dogs are permitted.

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline and Dog Park – Richmond, California

It is the best park for your dog to walk off-leash. With 23 acres of land, the park is exceptionally prominent with our four-legged companions and invites over a large portion of a million puppies consistently. The Sit and Stay Cafe, situated nearby, is an incredible spot to get an espresso and water after your walk. If your pooch gets extremely muddled, you can likewise stop by Mudpuppies for a wash or preparing before getting back in your vehicle.

Del Mar Dog Beach – Del Mar, California

North Beach in Del Mar is otherwise called Dog Beach since it’s the main spot dogs can be off-leash on Del Mar city shorelines. From 29th Street north right to Solana Beach dogs can run openly and play anywhere they want.

Bear Creek Dog Park – Colorado Springs, Colorado

This is one of Hana’s favorite dog parks in the U.S. and honestly it is one of our favorites too. This is a 25 acre park with a creek going through it for the dogs to cool off in.  This is an amazing dog park and super fun. 

Cherry Creek State Park- Off Leash Dog Area – Denver, Colorado

With 107 acres of land to walk off-leash, Cherry Creek State Park Dog Off-Leash Area is a heaven for dogs. They can investigate all the new scents, make new companions, and sprinkle in the stream throughout the day. Bring water for your parched little dogs and bag packs to clean up any wrecks.

Southbury Dog Park – Southbury, Connecticut

Southbury Dog Park is 14 acres of land, off-leash Dog Park that respects all individuals and dogs. We have a fenced-in little dog territory, an immense open field, a lovely and available stream, two lush trails, tables and seats, and a lot of poopy packs. It is one of the top dog parks in the US.

Dogwood Play Park – Jacksonville, Florida

Dogwood Play Park for dogs is again one of the best parks in US which provides a wide area of 25 acres fenced that provides fitness and relaxation for dogs. Dogs can run off-leash in the park. There are immense recreational activities for dogs including dog’s swimming pool and many more such stuff.

Newtown Dream Dog Park – Johns Creek, Georgia

This 1 acre astroturf dog park located just outside of Atlanta is a great dog park for those traveling through Atlanta and the southeast.  This fun little dog park is a made for both large and small dogs and has a great obstacle course for your dog to train on.

Hawaii Kai Dog Park – Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii Kai Dog Park is a park in which dogs love to visit. This fenced park has a wide for dogs to play, doggie drinking fountains and separate areas for different activities. It is surely a must visit park. It is one of the best dog parks in US.

Nampa Dog Park – Nampa, Idaho

It is a safe place for your dogs to go off-leash. A perfect place for your dogs to exercise, has fun, and socializes. Spread in 6 acres of land, this park offers off-leash play areas for small and big dogs.

Montrose Dog Beach – Chicago, Illinois

It is a popular dog beach in Chicago which is also the first legal off-leash dog beach. This area is fenced and offers a dog wash area and free dog-waste bags. Your dog will love to visit this beach because of its atmosphere.

Jackson Bark – Chicago, Illinois

Jackson Bark is a network dog park situated in and named after Jackson Park, Chicago, Illinois, United States. The puppy park is a versatile reuse of four surrendered tennis courts worked with over 90% reused materials, making it the biggest 100% encased Dog Park in the city.

Freedom Bark Park – Lowell, Indiana

Dogs can explore the surroundings, roam, run, play, and socialize in this award winning park. Well-behaved dogs can enjoy the surroundings and experience a different atmosphere in this park. It provides off-leash fenced area, water facilities, and an agility course.

Shawnee Mission Off-Leash Dog Area – Shawnee, Kansas

A fun spot for your dogs to run and play! Found east of the perception tower on John Barkley Drive, the 53-acre of land off-chain zone includes a canine swim zone alongside wood chip and common surface trails through field and lush territories. Our off-rope zone additionally incorporates cleared stopping and versatile toilets.

Nola City Bark – New Orleans, Louisiana

NOLA City Bark is New Orleans’ chief off-chain hound park and incorporates 4.6 arranged sections of land in wonderful City Park with independent play zones for little and huge pooches, twofold passageway doors, drinking fountains for canines and people, shade structures, an occasion garden, nearby bathrooms, and a .25-mile strolling trail.

Pilgrim Dog Park – Provincetown, Massachusetts

Pilgrim resembles an outside historical centre park for dogs. Neighborhood specialists structured its seats, crap sack stations, stands, and the immense pooch house in the passageway. This park is amongst the top dog parks USA.

Shaggy Pines Dog Park – Grand Rapids, Michigan

20 acres of land of complete joy for your puppy, Named as one of the best ten dog stops in North America. There are climbing trails, a swimming lake, lit trails and ways are furrowed in the winter months.

Warren Dunes State Park – Sawyer, Michigan

Warren Dunes State Park has a wonderful shoreline directly on Lake Michigan. Dogs are allowed in the ground, forested trails, footpaths, and north of the northernmost swim float at the shoreline which gives more than two miles of Lake Michigan shoreline.

Hugh Rogers Wag Dog Park – Whitefish, Montana

Your dogs will love come and play off-leash at this 5-acre fenced dog park with walking paths, open play space, with drinking fountains. There is a pond which is a great pace to swim and includes fencing. The agility course provides another avenue of exercise and fun.

Madison Square Park Dog Run – New York City, New York

This well-known NYC hound park is a bit on the littler side, yet is a most loved among NYC hound darlings. Twofold passage/leave entryways help guarantee your canine’s wellbeing when anybody enters or leaves the recreation centre.

Long Meadow and Dog Beach in Prospect Park – Brooklyn, New York

Canines can roam aimlessly and even swim in the Long Meadow, Neathermead and Peninsula zones of Prospect Park. You will be joined by several other glad dog owners and their canines, getting a charge out of the rambling fields.

Montauk Beaches – Montauk, New York

It is a beach in which dogs love to visit, roaming around in the free space and your dog can socialize with order dogs. Not only is there a ton of activities for you dog to enjoy, there is a ton of things for humans to do, too.

Washington Dog Park – Cincinnati, Ohio

This spot was made for your doggies. The turf is manufactured and exceptional for dogs, the water river was worked for dog’s delightment only, and there are huge stone rocks for safe climbing and other obstacle activities that your dog will enjoy.

Beau’s Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

This canine park has turned into a hit with a considerable lot of local people. There is a little and substantial dog region, both with sprinkle cushions, a doxi burrow on the little dog side, and a tennis ball tree that dispatches tennis balls on the vast canine side.

Schuylkill River Park Dog Run – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Schuylkill River Park is one of the best dog parks in US. This dog park, situated along the Schuylkill River, has separate zones for little and vast puppies just as biodegradable crap packs. A perfect park to take for walk and exercise.

James Island County Park – James Island, South Carolina

A visit to James Island County Park is an extraordinary method to spend an evening in Charleston with your little guy. Said to be the best puppy park in Charleston, this park includes a canine shoreline, four sections of land of open green space, a cleaning station, fenced play territory for little mutts, and waste stations.

NorthBark Park – Dallas, Texas

NorthBark Dog Park offers more than 22 acres of land of dog agreeable, off-rope space for you and your little guy to appreciate. Highlights incorporate separate territories for little and huge pooches, open space, shaded regions, strolling trails, eating areas, lake, hound shower, human and doggie water stations, bathrooms, and that’s just the beginning.

Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park – Houston, Texas

Bring Fido to play off-leash at this fenced dog park, which includes agility equipment, separate small dog area, pond, shade and benches.

Memory Grove Park – Salt Lake City, Utah

At this park hounds are permitted to be off rope under the voice control of their proprietor. You should have a chain with you, and your canine must be inside sight consistently.

Bea Arthur Dog Park – Norfolk, Virginia

This 1-acre of land Dog Park includes a substantial field of grass, twofold gated passageway, a water station, a toy receptacle, a shaded outing territory, and a simple access incline for canine paddling in the Elizabeth River.

Warren G. Magnuson Dog Park – Seattle, Washington

Magnuson Off-Leash Dog Area is a completely fenced, 6-section of land Dog Park separated into a few littler territories with access to swim in Lake Washington. The best part is that it’s the main puppy park in Washington with shoreline get to.

Double Bluff Beach – Whidbey Island, Washington

Dogs go wild for the opportunity to keep running off-leash at this 2-mile stretch of wide, delightful sand. There’s even a doggie washing station to flush off at.

There are so many great dog parks out there four four legged friends.  You find some great parks near you with the help of some great pet apps.  

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