Fun Activities and Tours in Cancun

There is such a variety of activities and tours in Cancun that it can be difficult to narrow down the plans for your vacation.  The entire Cancun and Yucatan region of Mexico is great for many types of travelers; from romantic vacations on the beach, adventure activities in the jungle, history and archaeology buffs…or those party animals.  To help you sort out some of the awesome things to do in Cancun, check out our breakdown of the activities and tours in Cancun that top our list for fun in the sun!

Popular Tours in Cancun and Nearby Historical Areas

Of course, many people planning a trip to Mexico want to see some of the ruins – especially in the Cancun area.  One of the most popular day tours in Cancun are trips to the famous Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza.  Most visitors to Cancun choose to visit Chichen Itza on one of these Chichen Itza tours; however, you may also choose to rent a car in Cancun and spend your time exploring Chichen Itza and beyond!

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Morning time at Chichen Itza

But Chichen Itza is not the only famous Mayan ruin near Cancun.  There are many tours in Cancun that take you south to see the famous Mayan ruins overlooking the sea at Tulum.  Others will take you to go see Coba, some less hidden and less crowded ruins — where you can actually still climb to the top of an ancient pyramid!

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Getting prepped up for the climb to the top at Coba

Ek Balam is another famous ruin that is less crowded than Chichen Itza and Tulum.  You can even combine a tour to this the Ek Balam ruins with swimming in some incredible cenotes near Cancun!

Combine Activities Into One Ticket

Many popular tours in Cancun combine many activities into one.  For example, you could go see a ruin then go snorkeling.  Many tours will give you options for lunch, as well as transportation.  So it really all depends on how much you want to pay, and how much time you have.

Check out other great tours in Cancun – based on specific interests (below):

Water Activities in Cancun

Speaking of cenotes, you really must venture out to swim in these incredible sinkole / caves that are located all over the Yucatan.  With crystal clear, clean water, and a unique ambiance of the limestone, they are just magical.  If you have a car in Cancun, then you can easily take day trips to explore these cenotes.  But even if you don’t have a car, there are tours in Cancun of nearby cenotes where you can go swimming.

The crystal clear ocean and white sand beaches are the main attraction in Cancun.  However, snorkeling and diving are also popular activities, especially with an enormous reef located not far from shore.  There are a number of snorkeling tours and diving tours to choose from in Cancun.  You may also want to consider taking a trip out to see the famous MUSA – sort of an underwater museum with sculptures that are slowing becoming part of the living sea.

If you prefer to see underwater sea life without getting wet, then check the glass bottom boat ride available.

If you would rather relax on the water, then there are also a number of sailing and boat trips in the Cancun area.  One of those trips takes you sailing out to Isla Mujeres, or even going on a catamaran sail.

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Adventure Activities and Tours in Cancun

There’s a lot of exciting adventures to be had all around Cancun, including a ziplining tours in Cancun.  But there is also a huge adventure park, called Xplor!  Another crazy-fun and exciting filled experience is to spend a day at Xcaret or Xel-Ha eco-waterparks where you can snorkel with the fish in the lagoon, go tubing down a lazy river, and explore caves and cenotes!

Another unique activity is to go horseback riding through the jungle, swimming with dolphins, or swimming with gigantic Whale Sharks!   For more relaxed experiences with nature, some travelers want to observe sea turtles, or check out the huge Rivera Maya Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve!

Another popular activity that we LOVED and highly recommend is a trip down toward Playa del Carmen so you can visit Rio Secreto.  This incredible tour takes you underground to explore a giant cave and river system.  We LOVED the Rio Secreto tour and would highly recommend it to any of our readers!

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Our Crew – underground and exploring a cenote with Rio Secreto. Amazing!!!

And for those travelers who want to experience something thrilling and truly unique, how about feeling like a super hero while wearing a jet pack and flying high above the water!

For those looking for a more relaxed tour in Cancun, then there are also bicycle tours available.

Dining Tours in Cancun

If you want to go on an excursion and have a nice dinner while visiting Cancun, then there are definitely some quality (and romantic) options for dinner tours in Cancun.

One option is to take a romantic lobster cruise out on the ocean, or if you want a more cultural experience, check out Xoximilco where you can be a part of a floating Mexican fiesta! Float on colorful barges, listen to traditional music, and eat wonderful foods from all over Mexico.

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And that’s lunch – wow!

If you really love Mexican food and want to learn how to cook it yourself, then how about taking a Mexican cooking class and gourmet feastPersonally, we love learning how to cook local foods from our travels — it is one of the best souvenirs from our trip because we can try to replicate it at home…and feel like we are on vacation all over again!

Party Animals

Okay, other visitors to Cancun are going to be looking for the party.  And we can’t blame you, we’ve been there…done that too!  Cancun is quite famous for spring break and fun.  Places like Coco Bongo are famous for their parties, or you can also go on a Cancun Club and Bar Crawl and meet other fun-loving travelers.

Rent a Car in Cancun to Make Your Trip More Fun!

While there are many tours in Cancun that will provide you with transportation, you may prefer more flexibility.  If so, then renting a car in Cancun may be the best option for you.  Renting a car in Cancun is fairly straight forward; however, there are definitely some considerations to keep in mind.

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Stopping for a quick bite to eat on our way through the Yucatan

In particular…it’s the insurance that will get you!  It’s confusing and can get expensive if you don’t understand how it works.  So be sure to check out our complete story about Renting a Car in Mexico and the Liability Insurance that you are required to have.

Enjoy Planning Your Trip to Cancun, Mexico!

No matter what you preference, we are sure you will find some awesome activities and tours in Cancun that will make your vacation a memorable one.

If you want more information about the Yucatan and planning a trip, be sure to check out our complete “Mexico Travel Guide” for more detailed information and lots of stories!

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