Where to Enjoy Healthy Eating in Seattle

Seattle is a city that not only loves its coffee, but its food too. And while there are certainly plenty of locations for a greasy bite to eat, there are also countless of establishments that serve some of the healthiest foods around.  It should come as little surprise considering the love for fresh produce that most Seattleites have, as evidenced by the massive presence of farmers markets in the city. This allows for many restaurants to source the best ingredients for their meals, allowing people to take advantage of the many healthy eating options found throughout the Emerald City. So, where can we enjoy healthy eating in Seattle?

Pike PlaceHere’s some of the top recommended:

Café Flora

Vegetarian restaurants will always be one of the best places to go for a healthy bite to eat, but it can often be very unappealing to meat eaters. Café Flora however has been one of the most popular healthy eating joints in the city, for vegetarians and carnivores alike.  They have perfected the ability to turn all manner of dishes into a vegetarian delight, including pancakes, fries, fritters, tacos and much more. There are plenty of options that will surely please all manner of foodies, as you will some truly exotic blends of vegetables and sauces. The fresh juices, smoothies and other beverages are also massively popular, and like the food, they use locally sourced produce that gives everything that amazing fresh taste.

Chaco Canyon Organic Café

While the idea of a vegan café may seem off-putting to some, the universal popularity and reputation of Chaco Canyon Organic Café speaks for itself – you don’t need to be a vegan to enjoy the healthy cuisine here.  Using only the freshest organic produce, Chaco Canyon has a range of cuisine to suit many different tastes. Their daily raw food selection offers all manner of nuts, seeds, spices, fruits and vegetables that are all chosen based on whether they are in-season, providing a constantly evolving selection that is incredibly healthy. More traditional cuisine includes soups, sandwiches, and salads, off which are made with organic ingredients and are 100% vegan. You can even find vegan-friendly pastries and baked goods too, offering something a little sweeter yet still very healthy.

The Whale Wins

Renee Erickson is the award-winning chef behind The Whale Wins, which takes inspiration from the many culinary delights that she enjoyed throughout Europe, including England. Although their menu is filled with foods that are based on recipes from far beyond Seattle, the ingredients used are far from this.

Like most healthy eating restaurants in the city, there is strong emphasis placed on locally sourced ingredients that guarantee top quality flavor and freshness. Meats and fish are sourced from local markets and cooked to perfection with oven-fire techniques while the freshest vegetables are chosen based on their seasonable availability, which helps to greatly enhance every meal present on the menu.

Exploring Seattle for a weekend - did you know there are TONS of Geocaches hidden around here? In fact it's the HOME of Geocaching!
Exploring Seattle for a weekend!

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