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Around the World Adventure Jan 2015

Wow – our time living in Guangzhou, China has been flying by!  January came and went with a blur and somehow, I’m a couple weeks late in getting this recap together!

We spent the month of January getting used to our new lives in China, and working.  Josh is really loving his new job at First Leap as an English teacher to the young kids.  He is always taking photos of his kids and talking about how much he loves his job.  I’m so happy to hear about his stories and see the look on his face when he talks about his students.  Josh also had the chance to visit Beijing for one week of training.
josh student 1

Meanwhile, I have started teaching as well.  I had a short stint at kid’s English school that wasn’t up to my standards, so I left and I am doing exactly what I wanted to do…teach adults!  So I am having a blast and getting to know my students as well.

We have also had some internet issues in January, which led to less productivity on the website, but we are up and running as good as ever now thanks to our VPN provider & increasing our internet speed at home.

So here is a quick spending recap for December & our favorite moments!

January Total Spending: $560


  • n/a – Josh’s school covered the rent this month (or perhaps it was prepaid from the previous tenant)
  • Misc. utilities & property management dues  $80

Transportation, Food, Fun, Misc. Cash (all lumped together): = $480


January Highlights:

  • Wandering around Guangzhou downtown, and checking out some of the sights and markets.
  • Getting familiar with our local neighborhood & new life.
  • Making some great friends who have taken us around town and helped us get adjusted!
  • All the people at the coffee shops and restaurants who recognize us and cheerfully say hello every time we come in.  They are so friendly and care about how our lives are going here in China!  They are wonderful!

Favorite Moments:

Liz – My favorite moments have been getting to know locals living in our neighborhood, especially those who remember us and are so kind.  “Momo” is the name of the woman at the coffee shop below our apartment. When our internet at home was broken, we would go and stay at her place for hours. She has limited English, but is so friendly and we appreciate her effort. She always gives us a discount…and brings us free goodies, like pastries and cookies!  “Juno” at another coffee shop has been great to us too, and “Kay” is the owner of an expat restaurant (he is from Spain).  Kay is so friendly & greets us with open arms every time he sees us (even when we are just walking by outside).

Josh – I have really loved getting to know my kids at the school, but in January, I think the highlight was my trip to Beijing.  It was my first time traveling in another country by myself, so it was different.  But I met so many great new friends & had a blast exploring a new city.  Be sure to check out the journal about my one week in Beijing.

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