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5 Reasons You Should Stay at a Disney Resort

A Disney vacation is at the top of most families' wish lists, and for good reason.  The incredible experiences that can be had during a Disney vacation will create memories that last a lifetime.  Being huge Disney fans, as well as spending years working for "the...

5 Most Unique Brews from Around the World by MarcoBeero

One of the most exiting aspects about traveling is being able to sample the local beverages.  In particular, we enjoy trying the local beer anywhere we go.  Being the beer lovers that we are, we have been following Mike aka "MarcoBeero" and his brew tours and reviews...

Guest Post: My 3 Favorite (Unplanned) Moments in Montreal, Canada

The number one lesson I learned from my recent summer trip to Montreal, Canada is that often, the most memorable things happen when you just get out and go!  No planning, no extensive research, just take care of the essentials and let the rest happen naturally. Lucky...

Maker Madness Geocaching Event (The Waysider’s Way!)

  During the week of March 28 - April 7, 2014 Geocaching promoted community events directed toward those who find enjoyment through hiding Geocaches.  There were several events held all over the world in hopes of teaching more about the art of hiding geocaches, as...

Geocaching 101: What do I need to go Geocaching?

The great thing about Geocaching is that anyone can do it, and they can be found just about anywhere!  Whether you prefer to explore a city, or go hiking on a trail out in the woods, there are plenty of geocaches to be found!  Even during a road trip.  To be sure that...

Top 5 Things to do at Disney World for Adults

When it comes to having a relaxing or romantic couples vacation, the words “Disney World” don’t exactly fit.  Even mentioning the words “Disney World” to some adults could bring about an involuntary twitch. Their fear is the combination of heat and humidity with huge...

Geocaching on the Blue Ridge Parkway – Asheville, NC

Who doesn’t love a good road trip?  Especially when it is a beautiful drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, NC.  Liz and I had recently received our new Garmin GPSMAP 64 and wanted to put it to the test on the hiking trails off the Parkway.  The weather...

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