Finding Adventure in Panama City Beach: Our Bucket List

Florida Beaches are legendary. And best of all, they are within driving distance to a good portion of the US. Being from Georgia, we enjoy long weekends in Florida to visit the beaches.  Panama City Beach has everything that we love, including beautiful sandy beaches, adventure water sports, and some funky evening character! As if we needed more incentive to visit Panama City Beach, they are running a program where you can create your own bucket list and get rewarded for checking items off the list.  So we’ve put together our own Real, Fun, Beach Bucket List for our next visit to Panama City Beach!

You'll fall in love with the white sands of Panama City Beach

 1. Experience Scuba Diving – Josh’s New Love!

Josh fell in love with scuba diving last year, and he can’t get enough of it! In fact, the first thing he said when talking about Panama City Beach was “oh, scuba diving!!!” Diving in the crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico would be an amazing adventure. There is something special about immersing yourself in a totally different world under water.

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Josh’s first time diving in the Gulf of Mexico – off the coast of the Yucatan

2. Snorkel the Emerald Waters All Day

Even though scuba diving is an awesome adventure, nothing beats a great day relaxing at the beach and snorkeling. The thing that we love about snorkeling is that it is so easy and peaceful. It doesn’t take much effort, and doesn’t take all the preparation that scuba diving does. So we can spend the whole day exploring the underwater sea life in the Gulf at Panama City Beach with our snorkel.

Gorgeous Gulf of Mexico from Panama City Beach, Florida

3. Learn to Paddleboard

We have both been wanting to learn to paddleboard for quite some time. The popularity of this activity has really taken off, and now we see it everywhere we go! Paddleboarding looks like so much fun. We can imagine ourselves floating along in the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico, enjoying the views and bobbing up and down over the waves on a paddleboard. Plus, it would be really fun to catch some small waves on the board.

Adventure is a family affair in Panama City Beach!

4.  Kick Back at the Fall Music Festival

The two of us are big fans of music festivals, especially when we travel. We love the way they bring people together to sample food and drink, listen to some great tunes, and maybe even do a bit of singing and dancing.  It is also a great way to soak up a bit of the local culture.  And at Panama City Beach, the Fall Music Festival is just the type of fun-loving music atmosphere that we would love to experience after a day of fun in the water!.

Catch a concert at Aaron Bessant don't be disappointed!

5.  Celebrate the Sunset with Canon Fire at Schooner’s

Wherever we go, we love to find a great spot to watch the sunset; whether it is half-way around the world or in our own backyard. And when we heard that at Schooner’s they celebrate the sunset each evening by firing a canon, we knew that this is something we must do!

Not only that, we also love a good local restaurant where we can spend the evening and celebrate life. Plus being at an outdoor restaurant on the water, we can continue to enjoy the crashing waves and salty sea breeze. There is something about the ambiance of a classic outdoor beach club that we love, along with the funky local personality of the Gulf Coast. Schooner’s is just the place to toast to a great vacation!

Florida Sunsets are the best in Panama City Beach.
Panama City Beach is an awesome destination for us to indulge our passion for the outdoors and adventure activities, without having to fly to a far off destination. Plus we love the fact that their Bucket List program gives us a way to track what we want to do and get rewarded as we check items off the list.

So what is on your Panama City Beach Bucket List???

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