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Guest Post: Road Trips With Young Kids – by Dave D.

When you are young and carefree road trips seem like one of the best ways to explore the world. With the wind blowing in your hair, and the highway stretching before you, road trips can bring an endless series of adventure and experiences.  It seems, however, that...

Love of Travel Series – Healthy Travel with Nomad is Beautiful

In this edition of the Love of Travel series, we caught up with an inspirational Slovak-Italian traveling couple who chose to not only live a life of travel around the world, but to pursue an all around healthier lifestyle!  By giving up things like tobacco and...

5 Places to Visit in Japan by Contented Traveller

We have been travelling to Japan fairly regularly over the last 6 years and the first time was by a stroke of luck. We were looking for a ski destination in January and wanted a place that was both cultural and provided a decent amount of snow. This is where we...

Tips for Driving in Mexico

While it’s true that some parts of Mexico should be avoided, other areas are about as safe as driving elsewhere in the world.  We recently traveled to the Yucatan, a relatively safe area to visit.  Renting a car in this area was a must for us because we...

Geocaching 101: What Types of Geocaches are there?

The game of geocaching isn't only searching for tupperware in the woods & signing a piece of paper.  While there are caches like this, there are also several other types of geocaches, which enhances the fun of the game.  Some geocaches may have you go to multiple...

Top 10 Expert Walt Disney World Tips From a Former “Magic-Maker”

Walt Disney World is the ultimate dream for most families who are looking to go on vacation and having a handful of Walt Disney World Tips can make your trip.  And I don’t blame them, it’s an awesome place!  Being the Disney fans that we are (and having spent years...

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