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Hong Kong’s Shopping & Street Markets

Shopping is one of the most famous attractions for travelers who plan to visit Hong Kong. The very roots of this global city is international trade, so you can find a huge variety of products…some of which, at bargain prices. And while there are so many other...

Budget Travel Tips: How to Get a $3k Vacation for Only $1k!

The biggest complaint about not being able to travel is due to a lack of money.  However, we believe that if you really want to travel, you have to make it a priority in your life.  That includes building it into your financial budget.  The good news is that it is...

10 Reasons We Love RV Travel (and Why You Will Too)!

RV travel is increasingly becoming popular with many families and it is for a good reason. If you are an avid traveler, RVing is arguably the best way to travel and explore the country. Whether you are going to a national park or a music adventure, an RV (recreational...

Our Favorite Top Spa Destinations in the USA

We all need a spa-cation once in a while. And indulging ourselves in a relaxing visit to a spa is definitely one of Josh’s and my favorite things to do – especially on a vacation.  Whether you've been working too hard, going through a difficult time or just in need of...

How To Plan a Staycation To Remember

As fun and relaxing as vacations are, they aren't always possible--no matter how much you need one. Whether you're headed to the beach to catch some waves or taking a road trip with friends, these long-distance trips often require a lot of resources and planning (and,...

Fun Activities and Tours in Cancun

There is such a variety of activities and tours in Cancun that it can be difficult to narrow down the plans for your vacation.  The entire Cancun and Yucatan region of Mexico is great for many types of travelers; from romantic vacations on the beach,...

Must-Have RV Accessories for RV Newbies

There are so many things to consider when you are actually going through the process of buying an RV, that you may not even realize all the RV accessories RV newbies will need.  Of course, people assume that they will need to do a bit of shopping after buying an...

How to Buy an RV: What You Need to Consider

Traveling in your very own RV is a dream for many people.  Having the freedom to drive the open road, stopping off here and there to explore, is the ultimate way to experience the country.  But before you jump into buying an RV, there are some things you...

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