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Conquer the Foreign Shopping Market Like a BOSS!!!

For travelers, walking through a foreign shopping market is one of those things that you either love...or loathe.  Some travelers thrive on the excitement of a foreign shopping market, with its exotic sights and smells, while others find the bustling atmosphere and...

Travel Itinerary: 1 Week in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an international city, with loads for travelers to do!  It's a great place for travelers who want to experience Asia, but are a little worried about venturing deep into China or other regions.  Some people think they may get bored with having a...

Plan Your Trip to Thailand – Travel Basics

They call it the "Land of Smiles."  And from our experiences in Thailand, this saying is very true.  Planning a visit to Thailand is on the wishlist for many travelers.  We've been fortunate to travel to Thailand on numerous occasions, and even...

Top Destinations For Trekking In India: by Trans India Travels

Since India is home to a part of the majestic Himalayas that engulf some sky-touching peaks in the most untouched and unadulterated form, it has also been a trekkers paradise for trekking in India. The idea of conquering the summit might seem difficult at first but...

Travel Itinerary: Weekend in Hong Kong

Travel Itinerary:  Weekend in Hong Kong Hong Kong is a popular global city, perfect for a stopover on the way to another destination -- especially in Asia.  While there are so many things that can keep you busy for weeks in Hong Kong, if you are only...

Goodbye China – You Will Forever Be in Our Hearts

Accomplishing any goal you set for yourself feels good.  But it's especially satisfying when it's a crazy and unconventional goal, like "hey let's quit our great jobs in the States to live and teach English in China!"  Now as we say goodbye to China, we realize that...

Binging on Sukhothai Noodles in Sukhothai Thailand

I was in heaven when we visited Sukhothai, Thailand for the first time.  It's no secret that I enjoy good food.  You know, the stuff that makes you makes you gasp "oh" out loud as it touches your lips.  The great thing about traveling is that you can...

Sizing & Fitting a Backpack for Travel – What you Need to Know

Sizing and fitting a backpack for travel and to be completely honest, I knew absolutely nothing about travel and outdoor backpacks.  I only recently started using backpacking packs as a form of luggage during my travels. Naively, I thought that you just picked one...

How to Pack a Backpack for Travel

After all the years that I’ve been traveling, I would like to think that I know how to pack a backpack for travel.  However, just because you are great at packing a suitcase or a car for a cross-country trip, doesn’t mean that you know how to pack something that you...

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