Top Ski Towns in Colorado for Food, Drink, Fun & Adventure!

When it comes to enjoying the very best that skiing has to offer, one place comes to mind, Colorado. The state is blessed with some of the most iconic ski towns the country has to offer. Sometimes it pretty difficult to believe that most of these towns were once mining camps before they transformed into what they are today.

Colorado’s ski town resorts are simply breathtaking and you will surely have a hard time deciding on which one to visit when next you decide to go on a ski trip.

Well, to help narrow down your search, we have come up with a list of the best ski towns in Colorado. You can rest assured that these town have amazing ski resorts where you can have the best ski experience ever.


We kick things off with one of the highest town in whole of the state. The town is known for its high altitudes and a unique lifestyle. Formally known as boomtown, Breckenridge is located at an unbelievable 9,600 feet above seas level.

The town’s ski resort is known for its five peaks: 6-10. Here you can have fun on the resort’s impressive 2,908 acres long ski space which is more than capable of accommodating both beginners and experts.

If you wish to take a break from skiing, Breckenridge has a lot of really cool restaurants to visit and an enjoyable nightlife to savor. The town’s energy at night is irresistible, and you will certainly join in on all the buzz at some point.


This town is known for its cultural diversity, and amazing ski slopes. However, the resort isn’t overcrowded because it is a long hike from Denver, but it still manages to get voted to be the number one ski resort in the entirety of North America.  Aside that the town has a little above 2000 acres of skiable land, it’s slopes are finely designed for different levels of skiing.

There is also a free gondola that serves as a link to the neighboring town, called Mountain Village.

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It’s practically impossible to talk about skiing in Colorado without mentioning the beautiful town of Aspen. It has breathtaking features ranging from expert ski slopes to an amazing prehistoric downtown. Skiing also goes on at three other mountains on the same pass; this includes Buttermilk, Highlands, and Snowmass.

If you also intend to do some shopping after your skiing adventures, Aspen is the best place to visit. The town is home to some of the topmost boutiques, and brand name stores. Chances are that you will at some run into what you wish to buy or something worth buying.

What’s more, Aspen has some amazing lodging facilities, with the ‘Power of Four’ being a prime example. The town is always bustling with activities to engage in and you’ll never have a dull moment as long as you are willing to explore. There are shuttles that connect all the ski areas in Aspen together.

Winter Park

The resort is only 60 miles away from the main town, it’s no surprise why it is a top destination for people living in the Mile High city. The resort is a property of the county of Denver, and it is definitely one of the top ski destinations in Colorado.

The town is the highest incorporated town in the United States because it is estimated to be at least 9,000 feet above sea level. Being one of the top ski destinations, the town witnesses series of events all year round. Winter park rarely sleeps. In the ski department, the trails offer some level of challenges for both beginners and experts. However, if you are not into skiing, and you still wish to visit the town, there are plenty opportunities for fishing, mountain climbing, and hiking when the snow starts to give way. Golfing equally takes center stage in the summer.

Crested Butte

While it may take you a little while to get to the town, Crested Butte is an isolated resort that promises to offer you and your family with the opportunity to have fun and making lasting memories. The town witnesses an average annual snowfall of 216 inches (66 days) all year round. Trails are grouped based on the level of difficulty so that you don’t waste time sitting on lifts.

At summer time, the Evolution bike park comes to life! It has more than 25 miles of different trail types that equally features other artificial obstacles to make the experience a lot more challenging and fun.


Vail is home to the largest ski area in the state. It is well-known for its gorgeous Austrian inspired village which has a lot of breathtaking views. Lionshead and Vail village are usually the talk of the town but it’s Vail valley that boasts of some of the best places to stay and play. It has snow trails and cross-country ski to keep visitors busy.

However, Vail will never be complete without Beaver Creek. It is a resort in Avon and is owned by the county which is only ten minutes away from the center of Vail. The joint 7, 121 skiablelandmass and 343 trails provides an avenue for an unforgettable skiing experience. However, this can significantly cut your chances of sharing a daily lift ticket.


Keystone’s steep slopes are arguably the best outdoor ice rink in the whole of Colorado. Come and explore the town’s ski village and enjoy skiing in a way you may never have before. Keystone mountain village is effectively its downtown also. It may not light up the world but there are activities you can engage in, restaurants to eat in, and amazing places to stay.

The ski area has three great peaks: The Outback, Dercum mountain, North peak. You can also enjoy night skiing during holidays and weekends or explore the A Basin if things get a little boring for you.

Steamboat Springs

This part of Colorado is known mostly for the warm weather that emerges from the ground. It’s resort however, goes as far back as early 1963. It has a full mountain range that features trails for people of all skill levels. It will be fair to say that most of the trails are better suited for experts, but beginners too will find avenues to learn.

With all the fun things to do at the Steamboat spring ski resort, you do not want to miss the winter carnival. It features some of the best skiing competitions that you are likely not going find anywhere else.

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