Travel Pic from the Road: A View From Under the Arch in Arches National Park – Utah

View from Arches

Photo by:  Josh

Date:  August 2014

Location:  Arches National Park – Utah

Equipment:  Nikon D3200

Last summer, we left Atlanta to start our cross country road trip to Idaho…and our eventual move to Asia!  After spending a few days with a friend in Denver, we made our way into Utah.  But shortly after entering Utah, we decided to take a spontaneous detour.  Since this was my first time in Utah, and really experiencing the west’s unique landscapes, I was stoked for this detour.  Never before have I seen mountains and rock formations like this, so we knew that we just couldn’t drive past Arches National Park without stopping for a visit…and to stretch our legs!

After a hot and unplanned hike to the Famous Arch, we stood in awe at what we saw.  The view was just breath taking, and really, the photo just doesn’t do it justice.  I didn’t realize how close you could get to this arch.  I mean, we were able to walk all around it, stand under it…and even touch it!  This also meant that you would be lucky to capture a photo of the Arch without people in it.

So this photo was taken while standing UNDER the Famous Arch!

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