Monthly Recap – July 2015

Around the World Adventure July 2015

The month of July here in Guangzhou was a little off for us.  I (Liz) was recovering from my broken foot, so the month wasn’t all that exciting.  For the first two weeks of the month I stayed at home because I couldn’t walk, and Josh was running errands to take care of me.  Luckily, after only a couple weeks I was given the clear from the doctor to go back to work.  But things weren’t back to normal yet.

It’s not easy having a broken foot in China.  We are fortunate that both of our schools are just a 5 minute walk away, and stores, restaurants, and banks are all close by.  So we basically stayed in this area for the month and got some work done, while I healed up.

On the positive side, we celebrated one year on the road!  We can’t believe it’s been a year already.  And while we’ve seen and experienced so many things, we have only scratched the surface!  But it’s crazy to think back to the day we drove out of Atlanta, and set off on this adventure of a lifetime.

We did it!

Here Is A Quick Rundown From July, 2015 During Our Around The World Journey!

Ending Balance July 2015 = Surplus Of $950

Income = $2500

* less income due to Liz being out on leave for most of the month

Expenses: $1550

  • Accommodations: $450
  • Rent – $330
  • Misc. utilities & property management dues $120

Transportation, Food, Fun, Misc. Cash (All Lumped Together): = $1100

** includes 3 hospital visits, medicine, casts and x-rays for Liz.  We also had some expenses for Peanuts or Pretzels, such as renewing some of our yearly website services.

Highlights From July 2015

  • Luckily, nothing worse than a broken bone happened!
  • We got an awesome new video finished from our experience in Sukhothai, Thailand!
  • Our Hong Kong travel guide is live on the website, although we are still adding more stories to it
  • We have a new website theme (if you’ve noticed something a little different) — but there are still some tweaks to be made
  • Celebrating one year on the road!

Favorite Moments

Liz:  Well, breaking my foot wasn’t a memorable moment…but it will forever be with me as a memory.  What I will remember most is the kindness of our friends and co-workers here in China.  While Josh was so helpful in walking me to and from work, when he couldn’t do it, my co-workers offered to walk me!  They also brought me food and my students would carry my bag all over the school for me.  Also, our local friends were a big help to us — so while it’s not a fun experience, I will look back on it and smile.

Josh:  Recalling our one year on the road, and recalling all of my “Oh S&@!” Moments — the ones that literally made me gasp out loud.  I can’t believe it’s already been one year.  In ways it has gone so fast, and in other ways, it seems like it’s been forever.  I’m so happy where we are and what we’ve done.  While we haven’t yet gone out to celebrate this milestone in our journey (due to Liz’s foot), we will do something fun soon to celebrate.  Meanwhile, I look forward to another year on this great adventure!

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