31 Awesome Hot Springs in Colorado

If you have been looking for some of the best spas and resorts in Colorado then look no further.  If you are familiar with our blog, then you know that Liz and I really love a good relaxation vacation In this article, we have listed 31 places in Colorado where you can go to enjoy some natural hot spring goodness. Many of these hot springs are great for family fun, a romantic couples weekend, or just a getaway with friends.  Some of the resorts also have other amenities that will make your group, family, corporate or wedding event memorable. And of course, many of these hot spring facilities also spa services so you can get some massage and therapy to help you relax. 

We’re huge fans of many of these hot springs in Colorado, and have visited some of them multiple times. In fact, we are currently staying in a hot springs town in southwestern Colorado as we write this post!

1. Sand Dunes Pool

It is a quaint little spot for the whole family in Hooper Colorado. The Sand Dunes Hot Springs Resort is actually just outside the Great Sand Dunes National Park (you can actually see the giant sand dunes from the resort).  Among the things you can do with the family include activities such as volleyball, swimming, camping, and biking. But what we love most about this hot spring resort is their adults-only Greenhouse! 

The Greenhouse is a tranquil paradise with a full bar, tasty food, a sauna, and multiple relaxation pools.  Plus, the chill music, gardens and mood lighting in the evening make it a pretty relaxing experience.  Lastly, they have a really inexpensive RV park onsite and guests get 50% off hot springs admission! 

The Greenhouse (adults only) at Sand Dunes Hot Springs.

2. Desert Reef Hot Spring

A serene and natural outdoor spot in Florence Colorado for a family vacation. The biggest draw of the resort is the hot spring pool in a Desert Oasis overlooking the Mountains. It is a clothing optional vacation spot and hence you may need to be careful if you bring along children. 

3. Splashland

One of the biggest draws in Alamosa, Colorado where you can enjoy a dip in the 64-year-old geothermal swimming pool. It is a great spot for kids with reasonably priced swimming lessons in the morning. In the afternoons you can enjoy a swim group or individual swims for as little as $12 for individuals and $20 for groups.

4. Penny Hot Springs

The resort in Carbondale is a different kind of spa from what you expect from a regular hot spring vacation spot. It is an unmanaged facility and hence does not have the usual amenities such as restrooms and parking. It is also quite small, fitting only between 10 and 12 people and hence tends to get crowded during the evenings and weekends. 

5. Juniper Hot Springs

Found in Lay, Colorado it is a natural health and wellness spot where you can swim soak and relax in the natural spring water. The temperatures range from 80-103 degrees, which makes it a perfect spot to enjoy the scenery or set up a campsite.

6. Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs

A great spot in Ouray Colorado to enjoy a vacation with the family. There are family rooms, suites, and queen and king size rooms. There are all manner of amenities and luxuries such as jeep rentals, spas, in-room Wi-Fi, hot tubs, air-conditioned rooms, free full breakfast, and indoor and outdoor hot springs.

7. Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Beautiful spot in Glenwood Springs to spend some quality time with the entire family. It provides amazing views of Mt Sopris and the Roaring Fork river valleys. You also get to enjoy iron-rich pure thermal water ranging from 99 to 108 degrees, where you can soak and relax. Other amenities include retail shops, poolside bar, Sopris café, showers, and locker rooms.

8. Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn & Spa

Located in Buena Vista, it is one of the best places to soak in the purest gravity fed spas. The springs were used by the Native Americans for their therapeutic and medicinal value for centuries. While you are there you can also get some quality massages, scrubs energy work, and wraps from professional therapists.

9. Salida Recreation

The largest indoor hot spring facility in North America, the Salida Recreation spa is one must visit vacation spot for the whole family. The hot water is piped directly from the mountain into the pools where you and your family can enjoy some diving, swimming and other recreational activities on any day of the week.

10. Antero Hot Spring Cabins

A unique hot spring resort found inside the San Isabel National Forest that makes a great vacation spot. The resort has several cabins with each having its own pool fed by a hot spring on the property. You can soak in the pools enjoying the low sulfur high mineral water. You can also get world class hiking, fishing, skiing, and biking nearby. 

11. Creekside Hot Springs Cabin

Creekside is Colorado’s newest resort and national monument set among natural hot springs and the Colorado Mountains. It is a three bedroom rental where you can spend some time with the family. The hot springs are fed by a geothermal aquifer and have temperatures of up to 108 degrees. The pool can sit up to eight people which make sit perfect for a family session in the outdoors.

12. Alpine Hotsprings Hideaway

A family-friendly getaway that rejuvenates soul and body. The pool is fed by 130 plus degree source though you can always regulate the temperature as you wish. Apart from the grilling, and camping on site, you can go hunting, horseback riding, and hiking, which can be organized by the resort. 

13. Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa & Event Center

One of the only full spa treatments on this list. Soak in the mineral-rich natural water and stay in your RV, tent or one of the hotel rooms on site. There are spectacular views of the mountain nearby which can be very therapeutic. Once you are done with soaking in the spring water get some facial, scrubs and wraps from in-house professionals. 

14. Valley View Hot Springs

A series of hot springs owned and operated by a non-profitable organization. You get to enjoy an all-natural soaking from the soaking pools set among the wilderness trails. The pure natural spring-fed showers and pools will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. 

15. Trimble Spa & Natural Hot Springs

This is the only hot spring spa and lodge in Durango. It is popular with tourists and is also a local family hangout. It features two mineral-rich pools and saunas where you can soak in some minerals and then you can relax in the spa for some body treatments and therapeutic massage. 

16. Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs

Ouray’s most popular resort comes with a range of suites and rooms for family and couple use. You will enjoy hot tubs fed by mineral springs even as you get to enjoy panoramic views of the mountains. It is also a great spot to watch the stars under the clear skies at night.

17. Healing Waters Resort & Spa

The resort and Spa in Pagosa Springs provides the best soaking opportunities in hot tubs and outdoor swimming pools. The hot spring pools are fed by 100 percent mineral water that keeps visitors and locals coming back for more. Other amenities on site include kitchenettes, suites, free wife and massage centers.

18. Overlook Hot Springs

Overlook Hot Springs is one of the newest hot spring facilities in fantastic Pagosa Springs, Colorado!  Located in the old historic town area, they provide healing mineral water and Victorian ambiance. You can enjoy the hot tubs in either the five indoor pools or the scenic rooftop tubs (which actually overlook the river and another hot springs resort on the other side!). Once you are done with soaking in the water you can unwind and release stress with a soothing massage.

Pagosa Springs Colorado

19. Dunton Hot Springs

A quaint restored town deep in the mountains of Colorado with some of the best mineral hot springs in the state. The rugged building hides luxurious interiors where you can enjoy absolute comfort, some great food, and uncompromising service. The resort is great for corporate retreats, weddings, and special events. 

20. Orvis Hot Springs

This is a clothing optional resort and spa in Ridgway Colorado where you can enjoy some of the best soaks as you take in the spectacular scenery and mountain air. The resort has outdoor and indoor soaking areas with lithium water to rejuvenate and relax your body. You can also camp on the grounds or lodge in the beautifully appointed rooms. 

21. Hot Sulphur Springs Resort and Spa

One of the oldest finest and largest hot mineral springs resort and spa in the US. The pools are fed by seven natural hot springs that provide mineral water at between 104 and 126 degrees. You can also get massage specials from in house therapists.

22. Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort

The Mount Princeton resort is excellent for corporate events, mountain weddings, romantic getaways, and family vacations. The hot springs with their natural and odorless water at 120 degrees coupled with the amazing treatment and massages at the spa and club are the biggest draws of the resort.

23. Indian Hot Springs

The hot spring and spa resort has been famous for more than a century. It is a great place for relaxing and fun for family or couples. It comes with amenities that include a BBQ restaurant, cabins, hotel, day spa, swimming pool, outdoor and indoor Jacuzzis and private baths. 

24. Ouray Hot Springs Swimming Pool

If you are looking for something off the beaten path then this is it. The hot springs in Ouray, Colorado comes with pure mineral water free of sulfur that makes this one of the best places to spend a vacation with your family. You can enjoy the spa and sauna with great views of the mountains as you create a memorable experience with your family. 

In fact, it was after a visit to Ouray and nearby Telluride that we decided to buy an RV so we could experience more of Colorado! So we consider Ouray a special place because it gave us the inspiration to pursue the RV travel lifestyle!

25. Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa and Lodgings

An intimate setting that is perfect for reflection with its continually flowing hot springs that feed the outdoor pools. Located in the shadow of the western Colorado San Juan Mountains, you can get some uplifting and therapeutic care from the hot springs and spa services fed by natural springs that contain tons of beneficial minerals. 

26. Old Town Hot Springs

Located in Steamboat Springs the resort has some spectacular hot springs pools that you can enjoy with the family. Other amenities at the facility include a climbing wall, 230-foot water slides, a fitness center, and professional massage from certified therapists. 

27. Avalanche Ranch Cabins & Hot Springs

Set on a 36-acre plot of land deep in the Rocky Mountains this is one of the best places to get to enjoy some hot springs during special events. The pools are designed in a natural hot springs tiered format. You get free access to the springs at any time of day when you pay for a cabin. Outside the resort, you can undertake some activities such as paddle boat riding, canoeing, biking, hiking, and fishing.

28. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

A beautiful spot with the largest hot springs pool in the world. Book your reservation At Glenwood hot springs and resort and enjoy the therapeutic qualities of the hot spring pool that is maintained between 90 -93 degrees. Other amenities you can enjoy include the grill, the athletic club, the spa, and the lodge.

29. Waunita Hot Springs Ranch

The five-decade-old resort is a great place to take the family for some fun and bonding. There are tons of things to do in town and in the surrounding areas. Some of these include trap shooting, square dancing, hayride, fishing, cookouts and camping out, all of which will make some great memories.

30. The Springs Resort & Spa

One of the most spectacular spa and resorts in Pagosa Springs. The biggest draw if the resort is the natural hot therapeutic pools that get their water from the deepest geothermal spring in the world. As a guest in the hotel, you get 24-hour access to the pools. With up to twenty pools you will be spoilt for choice and create many memories. 

31. Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Enjoy some of the Champagne Powder that has made Steamboat so famous as you relax in the 104-degree hot springs. Once you get your soak you can retire to a massage hut and get a private massage or therapy in a private pool. If the day has good weather, you can head out for some hiking and skiing. 

In fact, Strawberry Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs is one of our most favorite natural hot springs in the US! Day or night, the scenery is fantastic, the pools and ambiance are unmatched and the water feels so relaxing.

A relaxing evening in the outdoor natural springs at Strawberry Hot Springs!

Which Hot Springs in Colorado Will You Visit?

There you have it – 31 of the best hot springs in Colorado to help you relax during your next vacation or weekend getaway.  This is one of the aspects we have really enjoyed about exploring Colorado, popping into all these little ski towns and hot spring resort towns.  While some spots provide more services or have more amenities, you are sure to find something that will fit your needs from the list. 

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