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Croatia: a Land of Natural Beauty – Guest Post by a “Fellow Travel Nut”

For all the talk of its remarkable adventures, Croatia is truly a heaven of bliss for free-spirited vacationers and community comrades alike. Tourists visiting Croatia today will discover it as a spice to the general mildness of touristy abundance.

From distinctive churches, extraordinary sceneries and a wealth of fascinating monumental towers, Croatia continues to attract travelers looking to escape from a hectic life, enjoy a honeymoon or just marvel at the grandeur offered by this great country.

With so much to see in Croatia, it becomes difficult to narrow down to the basics while still having an authentic experience of everything the country has to offer. We’ve selected the crème de la crème of the enchanted expanse to help you plan a long holiday odyssey for friends and family.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Inside Croatia’s craggy interior, a spitting distance from the Bosnian and Herzegovina border lies one of Europe’s most exotic treasures- Plitvice Lakes National Park. There is nothing akin to the lush valley of 16 Cascade lakes interconnected by the clear azure waters and punctuated by iconic and spectacular waterfalls. From the moment you walk into the 300 square kilometer park, you are greeted with a panoramic orientation. Just ahead sprawls the European Niagara Falls, diced and speckled over a heavily forested Grand Canyon with bears, deer, wolves and rear bird species. Further ahead, the unique lakes are a sight to behold with watercolor ranging from crystal clear to azure to turquoise depending on sunlight and minerals in the water. You are sure to spend a great deal of time admiring the spectacular stretch of exquisite beauty.


Kornati National Park

The Kornati National Park is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination, and with good reason. This 62 kilometer square of stony hike is made of 109 unforgettable islands that are sure to test one’s nautical skills. Walking through the park gives you unlimited access to interact with the rare twists in the exotic haven. To experience this effing goodness, a boat tour down the park’s craggy islands will do you justice. You’ll cruise over the crystal clear waters past an old village on an island before stopping for a swim in the salt lake, Mir. Later, you will get a chance to check up the dramatic karst limestone formations towering all around the place. A ticket is the only pass needed to be admitted into the mystic park.


Blue Cave Bisevo

One of the most inimitable attractions on the island of Bisevo is the famous Blue Cave. This unique phenomenon is tripped every year by thousands of tourists thanks to its bursting explosion of beauty and splendor. The cave was initially accessible only by diving but has since been expanded to accommodate small boats. The vault-like entrance is a beauty to behold. This is because light from outside hits the cave leaving a blue glowing effect that is clearly visible just below the waterline. The best way to go to here is by taking a Blue Cave tour from Split because the area is secluded and can only be accessed by a boat. It is remarkably beautiful and tourists often have this as a must see location when they visit Croatia.

Croatia - Hvar - Blue cave

Bottom Line: As you can see everything in Croatia is worth checking out. Of course, social conveniences are not the only points of interest; you can have an incredible moment anytime as long as you frame yourself in the right place. Have a pleasant time in the country.


We’d like to thank Alex, a “fellow travel nut” for sharing with us some of the popular places to visit in Croatia.  It’s a beautiful country that we are definitely hoping to visit soon.  To learn more about visiting Croatia, be sure to check out Alex’s blog at








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