8 Outdoor Activities to Make Your Trip to Dubai Unforgettable

Dubai is a beautiful city that does not get much attention, but it definitely should. From eye catching skyscrapers in the city and wealthy lifestyles to the natural beauty of the land, Dubai should be on every top tourist list. Most visitors head straight to the vast array of shopping destinations and are drawn by the fancy hotels and skyscrapers. However, there are numerous outdoor activities that you should not miss and they are sure to make you have a once in a lifetime experience.

#1: Desert Safari Dubai

The citizens of the UAE (United Arab Emirates), the Emiratis have made the desert their home and have survived for centuries in its fascinating landscape. There is a great mystical quality to the deserts around Dubai and theres now better way to appreciate it than by taking a Desert Safari through the dunes.

#2: Horse Riding

A great way to see Dubai with a unique twist is to ride a horse. Horses are loved by the Emiratis and are a very important part of their lives and environment. Horse riding and racing is very popular in Dubai and integral to their culture. It does not take long to understand why this animal is so highly revered in this region of the world. There is no better way to do this than to truly immerse yourself into their lives and practices. Whether you are an animal lover or just love the outdoors, horse-riding is a great experience and opportunity to really connect to the Emirati heritage and culture.

#3: Scuba Diving

With Dubai situated in the Persian Gulf, the water offers an array of underwater playgrounds to explore. This makes scuba diving a must when visiting. Dive destinations include coral reefs with sightings of whale sharks, eels, barracuda and stingrays.

You may even see a wonderfully colored nudibranchs, an unusual and beautiful sea mollusk that not everyone can claim they have seen. Views are amazing and you can essentially make your own postcards with some great underwater photography opportunities.

#4: Deep Sea Fishing

After exploring the sands, make sure you visit the sea. Deep sea fishing in Dubai is an experience not like any other. While it is not one of the typical tourist fishing destinations (such as the Bahamas), you are guaranteed a fun and adventurous day.

You will get the chance to catch barracuda, trevally, king fish and cobia on any given day and if you are really lucky you may bring in a blue fin tuna or another rare giant that lives in the area. You do not have to travel far, only 20 kilometers off the coast and trolling and bottom fishing bring in the best catches.

#5: Palm Island Sea Cruise

The open waters of the Mediterranean sea is a great place to be for the day. A cruise around Palm Island and the Dubai Marina Canal will show you on beautiful waters, scenery and the unique sail-shaped building of the Burj Al Arab luxury hotel.

The World Islands and the Jumeriah coastline are spectacular and you will never feel lost or sea sick because the cruise never ventures out too far; the coastline is always within sight.

#6: Yacht Rental

Yacht rental is a novel way to explore Dubai allows you to avoid shared trips and pre-arranged tours and enjoy the sights at your own pace. While it may be a little more expensive, it is worth it as you leave all the other tourists behind and enjoy the area in your own way. Go where you want and stay as long as you like, there are no time restrictions or routines to follow.

Eat lunches or dinners aboard. You can even try a barbecue out at sea, for a really unique experience. Drop your anchor and go for a swim; there is no comparison to the overpopulated beaches. Having the sea to yourself is an experience like no other.

#7: Dhow Cruise Dinner

If being on the sea is not a problem for you, another recommendation is to hire a dhow for a dinner cruise in the Dubai Marina. You can hire a dhow to make your way through the Dubai canals. These unique and traditional wooden sea vessels are commonly used by tourists to explore the waterways of Dubai.

Enjoying a meal on open waters with a cool breeze and fresh air, make the sight seeing more relaxed and pleasurable. Take in the beautiful skyline of Dubai with a two or three course buffet dinner and live entertainment. Why stick with normal meals in a restaurant when you can eat at sea, away from the crowds and noise.

#8: Musandam Day Trip

Once you have had your fill of the sea, there is more to explore on land. The mountains of Dubai stretch along the western coast and steep fjords run down to the sea matching the beauty of Nordic European landscapes perfectly. The climate of the area is moderate with lower temperatures and light breezes, so any tour is comfortable.

The Musandam Governorate in the west coast region needs to be on any list; belonging to the Oman government it is a popular destination for Dubai residents and any visitor to the UAE. You can take a one day guided tour with lunch included, to experience the vast landscape of Dubai.

Of All the Things to do in Dubai, Which is Right for You?

No matter what drives or inspires you, there is something to see in Dubai; much more than shopping and fancy hotels. The best advice when travelling to Dubai is to think outside the box and explore opportunities away from the normal tourist traps. The best things this beautiful country has to offer are far away from the malls, hotels and skyscrapers. So step out of your comfort zone, explore the terrain around you, and you will be rewarded with an amazing and unforgettable trip.


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