13 Gifts for Travelers That They Are Sure to Love!

Not sure what gift you should get for the traveler in the family?  Or a good friend who loves to explore the world?  Whether it is Christmas, a birthday, or any occasion, you can’t go wrong with gifts that are actually useful to them on the road.  Here are some of our favorite gifts that any traveler would love to have!

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Our Personal Picks of the Best Gifts for Travelers

Being the travel-obsessed creatures that we are, we’ve taken our own experiences on the road to pick out some of our top favorite items that we really can’t live without. No matter if your loved-one is enjoys traveling domestically, internationally, budget or luxury. These are items that we absolutely LOVE and really make our trip easier or more memorable.

Everything on this list are great travel gifts that any type of traveler will find a use for.  These would be great for anyone that is going on a backpacking trip around the world, a dream cruise vacation, or even just a nice resort stay. 

1. Sleep Headphones Mask With Bluetooth

Whether traveling by plane, train, or even in the car this sleep mask with headphones can help you create a peaceful environment for you to get some sleep or just rest without distractions during long trips. With soft, cosy material and 3-D cushion to keep your eyes comfortable as well as Bluetooth speakers, this mask is one of our new favorite travel items! Great for side-sleepers and there is even a built-in microphone if you need it! Super affordable gift idea too. 
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2. Travel Power Outlet

power source for travelers

You might be surprised by how handy this device is.  Of all the things we have carried along with us on our trip around the world, this little guy has saved us many headaches!  Travelers often have a lot of items that need to be charged; from phones, computers, tablets, iPods, etc.  Sometimes it’s hard enough to find 1 outlet, let alone 5!  With this small power strip, you can charge 5 items at the same time.  >> Shop on Amazon <<

3. EYN Products Wallet Case for Apple iPhone

traveling iphone case, phone case for travelers,

This sturdy case is a great gift for travelers because it doubles as a wallet where you can store some cash and a couple of cards. It is super convenient to have everything you will need for a night on the town in one case.  Most travelers don’t go anywhere without their phones, especially when they can be used for wifi, and provide access to important information while on the road.  With this device, there is no need to carry a separate wallet, making it that much easier when you are out and about. >> Shop Amazon <<

4. eBags Packing Cubes

packing cubes for travelers,

Every traveler needs a certain amount of organization in their life.  I gave Liz a set of these a couple of years ago for Christmas, and she has been surprised at how much she loves them!  Honestly, I wouldn’t travel anywhere without them.  This is a great way to save space in your suitcase because you can stuff them tight and zip closed.  They also help keep the items in your luggage from getting all mixed together.  No matter how you travel (traditional luggage, backpacks, etc.) you will love these bags.  They also come in several different sizes.  Really great for separating day clothes, pajamas, underwear, socks, and bathing suits, as well as toiletries (in the smaller bags). >> Shop Amazon <<

5. GoPro Hero 10


The GoPro 10 has a built-in screen so you can see what you are shooting, as opposed to previous models that required you to purchase an extra screen.  We debated long and hard before getting a GoPro, but it has been a purchase that we never regretted — and we firmly believe that every traveler needs a GoPro to document their journey.   And over the years, we’ve upgraded to the newer GoPro versions multiple times!

We have used our GoPro while flying in the air, and exploring under the sea.  This is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you will use while traveling.  Plus, it is super light…and very powerful! >> Shop Amazon <<

6. SHOLDIT 31″ Infinity Clutch Wrap

Clutch Wrap

This is a really great invention for all types of travelers.  It’s a useful scarf/wrap that also has a hidden compartment to hold passports or mobile phones.  If you don’t have pockets, or if you are concerned about pickpockets, then this is a really awesome concept!  It can also be worn in different ways, making it a versatile piece of clothing.  >> Shop Amazon <<

7. Selfie Stick for phone or GoPro

The “art of the selfie” can be tough to master, especially when you are traveling.  I never thought that a selfie stick would be something that Liz and I would use; however, when we travel we want to get more than just our faces up close on camera!  So these are actually really useful!  There isn’t always another person around who can take your photo in front of a monument, or while you are gazing out at an awesome view.   So the selfie stick really comes in handy in these situations because it can get more in the picture, aside from just your faces.  If you are shooting film, then you can easily attach your GoPro too — and it is also useful to film up high over crowds.  Lastly, it folds up to a compact size and it is light, so it’s easy to pack and carry around. 
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8. BAGSMART Electronic Organizer Double-Layer Travel Cable Organizer

With all the different pieces of technology we travel with (mobile phones, iPods, laptops, tablets, cameras, etc.) we can accumulate a number of different cords!  Whether they are power cords or connector cords to your computer, you need an easy way to keep them from getting tangled up and store them all together.  This great little cord organizer will save you time and headaches when you are traveling.  Not only are the separate compartments helpful, but it rolls / folds up and closes tight — keeping you from losing items.  It also fits nicely into your luggage or backpack for travel.  >> Shop Amazon <<

9. Lewis & Clark Inflatable Neck Pillow

Lewis & Clark Adjustable Neck Pillow I traveled for many years without a neck pillow, but as I get a little older the more I appreciate having a good neck pillow. But having an inflatable neck pillow is essential!  When you are not using it, simply deflate it and stuff it in your bag.  It is super light (as opposed to some of the heavy stuffed neck pillows) and doesn’t take up much room in your bags.  If you have ever carried one of the larger stuffed neck pillows around, you know just how inconvenient they can actually be when you aren’t using them.   Whether you are traveling in a car, airplane, bus, boat, or train, inflatable neck pillows are very handy!  >> Shop Amazon <<

10. Mountainsmith Scream 25

This is our new favorite day-bag for traveling, and it goes with us everywhere.  The collapsible bag is designed to zip into a small pouch that makes it easy to pack into a larger suitcase or your backpack.  When you are ready for a day of sightseeing, going to the beach, or going on a hike, simply unpack the bag and you will have a full 25L, lightweight backpack to carry items for your daily journey.  The bag is super lightweight, so it doesn’t add weight to your primary luggage.  >> Shop Amazon << 

11. Portable Charger Power Bank 

  Any traveler who is going on the long trek will find this portable charger useful, especially if you are going to a remote region.  This device can hold enough power for multiple charges.  Carry it with you and you can charge anything via USB cord.  In some cases, it could possibly save your life.  >> Shop Amazon <<

12. Leather Passport Holder

Having a passport wallet will help you keep up with all of your important documents while you are traveling.  It’s a great took to store your important documents for immigration; such as arrival / departure slips, customs declarations, and visas.  You may also opt to store some currency in the wallet, or some of your credit cards or insurance cards.  >> Shop Amazon <<

13. Universal Worldwide Travel Adapter

If you are traveling anywhere outside the United States, you will likely need a Travel Adapter to fit power cords into different outlets.  This universal adapter will become one of the handiest items in your bag because it is compact, lightweight, and can fit into any outlet in the world.  The USB chargers on this device will also come in handy during your travels.  >> Shop Amazon <<

Picky or Specific Type of Traveler? We’ve Got More Ideas for You!

If you are shopping for a really picky traveler or want to get something more tailored to their specific needs and personality, then check out our more detailed Ultimate Gift Guide for All Types of Travelers! In that guide, we break down a whole list of different types of gifts that are best suited to specific kinds of travelers. 

Happy gift-giving!

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