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What to Wear on a Flight – Fellow “Travel Nuts” Share their Flight Essentials

Recently, I wrote about what I like to wear on a flight, from my own personal experiences.  And while my advice may be helpful, I was sure that other people might have their own recommendations.  So I asked fellow flight-savvy travel bloggers to help round out a good list of recommendations of what to wear on a flight.  Read on to find out what their must have flight essentials are.  

Flight Essentials – From Fellow “Travel Nuts”


My Adventures Across the World

Claudia Tavani

I have a whole set of clothes that, for as old and as they are, will never be disposed of as they have pretty much become my uniform on long haul flights. They even came with me to Thailand. I generally wear a pair of grey trainer pants which have been stitched a bunch of times and are totally discolored, a long sleeves black t-shirt, a fleece jacket that is a present from my cousin and a black scarf that was a present from a Turkish friend. I tend to get cold on long flights and I am bothered by the dry air, not to mention I am quite restless. The scarf protects my delicate throat and the comfortable clothes allow me full freedom of movement and keep me warm and cozy. And they can be easily thrown in the washing machine without fear they get ruined!

claudia on a long flight


Travel Addicts

Lance & Laura

“We spend a lot of time on long-haul flights.  For us, the most important thing is earplugs.  We’re both light sleepers and the noise can make it nearly impossible to sleep on night flights.  Plus, it is inevitable that we’ll end up next to the people talking loudly, the baby screaming or the inconsiderate person who refuses to use earphones.  Add earplugs to a set of noise cancelling headphones and a sleep mask, and we’re good to go!  For us, earplugs are our piece of mandatory equipment for a long flight.”


Two Scots Abroad


Behind every wise flying woman is a large warm scarf to wrap up in! Regardless of how warm the climate is that you are leaving or flying too, you can be rest assured that the flight will be freezing! I’ve went through many large scarves from different countries. First there was a satan style number from Thailand. Then a large blue soft square shaped scarf from Vietnam. I purchased an overpriced patterned one from Peru (those ladies weren’t for budging!) and finally a faux tartan scarf from Forever 21 in Vancouver. Eventually every scarf goes to scarf heaven as not only do they make great covers but also fashion accessories, shopping bags, and mats!

Gemma Airport


SKJ Travel


There’s not much I can do to alleviate the nearly intolerable discomfort of a long plane ride, but having my feet warm and cozy is a small civilized comfort that really helps me endure. I wear clog-style tennis shoes and socks, then pack a pair of really thick fleece socks in my carry-on backpack. I can then easily slip off my clogs and put the fleece socks over my other ones so it’s like wearing slippers, but they pack so much smaller. I often get cold on planes, so keeping my feet toasty is key. Airlines used to hand out thin socks or chintzy slippers in the old days, but those can’t hold a candle to fluffy, fun-colored fleece. Then when I need to go to the bathroom, it’s easy to whip off the fleece socks and put the clogs back on, and change back at my seat. Plus wearing slip-on type shoes makes going through airport security a little bit easier.


Nomad Lives

A few years ago, on a family trip to Goa, I saw a hipster-looking dude dressed in ultra-baggy, loose-fitting pants, and it was literally love-at- first-sight! I’d to struggle for several years before procuring one for myself, because my parents couldn’t figure out why I’d possibly want to wear such that ‘funny-looking garment’. I had several opportunities after, to get myself a pair, but I was nervous, since this isn’t considered standard apparel in the social circles I come from.
Eventually though, I gave in to temptation and got myself a fancy-looking pair on my recent trip to Goa – best life decision ever. Presenting to you, my amaze-sauce harem pants – I call them ‘Dookie’. I’ve extremely long legs, and I can’t possibly tell you how much I hate having to pay for extra-leg space on flights – I don’t do that as a matter of principle (jk – I’m just poor). So what can I do to make life more comfortable for my cumbersome legs? These pants have proven to be the closest to an ideal solution. They are loose, airy and huge – you could virtually hide a human infant inside. They look real chic with virtually anything (although I’d personally recommend a fancy tee or a tank). The best part is they make those claustrophobic washroom visits so comfortable – the elastic bands at the bottom ensure you don’t have to worry about wet floors either, so there’s an added benefit! They also come in one size, so you never have to worry if you’ll fit in.
sankets pants 3

The Vicki Winters Show

For me, it’s not only about how I feel when I travel. I also like to look good and for me, I LOVE wearing my white jeans, especially after Memorial Day:-)    The challenge is that, when traveling in my favorite pants, I either have to be prepared to get them washed, or look like a slob for the rest of the trip. So let’s think about this washing concept. If you’re staying in a hotel, the only option might be sending to the hotel laundry which could be quite costly…like 7 bucks US.   So you can pack them, and save them for the end of the trip, or be REALLY careful with each step you take, and be sure to choose vanilla over chocolate!  I remember one time I flew from NY to LA and it was almost a test to see how long till they needed some cleaning. I couldn’t even make it through the five hour plane ride. So my advice is….take the damn pants. They look so good….for the first day.

vickis white pants


What Do YOU Like to Wear on a Flight?

Thanks to these busy travelers for taking the time to share with us their flight essentials that help to make their flight more comfortable. I see some similarities between their “must haves” for staying comfortable on a flight, and my own preferred clothes to wear on a flight.

But perhaps you have your own ideas already?

Share Your Ideas With Us in the Comments Below!

We’d love to hear what you think and if you have your own tips and advice.  So please feel free to share your input below in the comments.

Happy Travels!

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