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Unique Places to Stay in Napa Valley, California

Discovering unique places to stay in Napa Valley is not a difficult task.  A visit to Wine Country in California is just getaway most of us are looking for.  The Napa Valley region is far enough away that we feel like we've truly escaped it all, yet close enough to...

Top Rated Hotels & Hostels in Hong Kong

The vibrant and international city of Hong Kong is a prime destination for travelers who seek a taste of Asia with the amenities of a world-class city.  When planning a visit to Hong Kong, the accommodation options can be overwhelming, and the customer reviews...

Travel Basics: Napa Valley, California

The infamous Napa Valley is located in northern California, just outside of the San Francisco area.  This picturesque region is known as the premier wine region in the United States among wine-loving travelers due to the number of famous vinyards that dot the area. ...

Video: A Unique Geocaching Adventure in Sukhothai, Thailand

"Sukhothai, Thailand...where the heck is that?" That's what I thought when Liz mentioned taking a detour during our trip from Chiang Mai to Bangkok through this town.  We had been living in Chiang Mai for quite some time and needed to get down to Bangkok to catch...

One Year on the Road – Josh’s Oh S#@! Moments

Another bus, another destination on this life-altering journey.  I have grown to love a good long bus trip though.  I sit writing this on my way to Hong Kong to meet Liz.  She had to do some visa stuff in Hong Kong for a week, so I'm heading down to visit; a rare and...

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