Tips for First-Time Air Travelers

Travelling by plane can be a very stressful and worrisome experience for some people, but it definitely has its rewards. If you are a first time air traveller, then there are a few things that you need to do before boarding your first flight. Taking a trip on a plane is much different than travelling in a car or bus, so you need to plan accordingly. The better you plan for your trip, the better off you will be in the long run. The time and effort that you put into the planning of your trip will be rewarded when you have a pleasurable flight experience. While there are a number of travel websites that can help a person plan out every detail of their vacation. Here are a few of our travel tips regarding air travel.

Early Bird gets the Deal

One of the first things that you need to do is book airline tickets in advance in order to get a good deal on them. Most airlines will have considerable discounts when you book early, so be sure to explore all of your options before choosing which airline to go with. In general, we have found that 4-6 weeks out gives you some of the best overall prices; however, there are always exceptions to this rule.

You can also use an aggregate site, which searches many sites at once, to find the best deals from around the internet.  This can save you a significant amount of time by not having to search from site to site.  In fact, you can actually search for flights using our aggregator tool on our Plan Your Trip page!

Get There in Time

If you are one of those people who are always running late, then you need to plan accordingly on the day of the flight. You should get to the terminal early so you can avoid any mishaps that may cause you to miss your flight. Missing a flight can be disastrous and in most cases you will have to wait a day or so before you get another chance to take off (and it’s an expensive mistake because the airline won’t refund you!).

While it can be boring waiting around at the terminal, it’s far better to be early than late.  So be sure to take a magazine or book with you when you go so you can avoid any boredom that may come from sitting around the terminal (and to keep yourself occupied during the flight).

Explore Your Options

If you do arrive at the terminal early, then take the time to browse round the terminal to see what they have to offer. Many airports have shopping and dining establishments that you can take advantage of.  In fact, some airports have a lot of awesome activities — such as Singapore’s Changi Airport – voted best in the world!. This is a great way to avoid boredom and will give you something to do while you wait for your flight to board. If you are travelling with children, then you need to check ahead and see if the airport has anything for them to do so you can avoid them going stir crazy.

Get More Travel Tips!

When it comes to traveling, the more tips and advice you can get – the better you can plan…andthe better your trip will be.  So be sure to check out our complete Travel Tips & Tools section, where you will find many of our best tips and a number of helpful tools to help you plan your trip.  With a bit of hard work and effort, you will be able to get the right travel & accommodations booked with ease.

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