Monthly Recap – August 2015

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Around the World Adventure Aug 2015

It’s hard to believe that we have been in China now for over 8 months — and we have been out of the USA for one full year!  The summer has been a hot one here in Guangzhou, and quite rainy.  But now it is kicking into Fall — which is just beautiful here in Guangzhou.  We definitely want to take advantage of the good weather to do more exploring & checking out sites around town before it gets cold (yes, it’s can get cold here).

I (Liz) am happy to report that my foot is nearly back to normal (maybe…85% now).  I can’t run or play sports, but I can walk quite a bit more than before — and it feels good to be “normal” again.  Because I was feeling better, we had a more enjoyable month in August — getting back outside and exploring.

In August we visited the beer museum here in Guangzhou (yes, there’s a beer museum), as well as taking a weekend trip to Macau…which blew our minds because it was so awesome!  We really loved our trip to Macau, and want to return again for sure.  So be on the lookout for some Macau posts in the near future — it’s MUCH MORE than casinos.

Here Is A Quick Rundown From August, 2015 During Our Around The World Journey!

Ending Balance August 2015 = Surplus  of $1400

Income = $3700

Expenses: $2300

  • Accommodations: $450
  • Rent – $330
  • Misc. utilities & property management dues $120

Transportation, Food, Fun, Misc. Cash (All Lumped Together): = $1400

* We indulged ourselves a few times this month, including a weekend trip to Macau (which wasn’t cheap).

Highlights From August 2015

  • The foot feeling better to get out and start exploring again — this feels like an accomplishment!
  • Checking out the beer museum here in Guangzhou
  • Discovering Portuguese history & exploring Macau (no, we didn’t gamble once!)
  • Celebrating 1 year on the road and thinking back to all the good memories

Favorite Moments

Liz:  Wow, some great moments this month.  I’m just so happy to be feeling better again, it’s like a whole new world opened up to me.  It made me realize just how restricted I felt without being able to get outside and do all the things I loved before I broke my foot.  While I’m not yet 100%, I feel much better.  And while Macau is up there on my list as a favorite this month, I’d also have to say that celebrating my 2nd birthday on the road was pretty awesome.  I enjoyed being able to reflect on our first full year of travel, and remember all the cool things we’ve done.  I can’t believe it’s been a year already.  Good times for sure – and much more to come in the future!

egg tarts
Yummy Portuguese egg tarts in Macau…such a great way to start the morning!

Josh:  For me, I really loved Macau.  Not only for the Portuguese egg tarts (wow are they good, and too easy to find all over town), but for the geocaches!  I was surprised to see just how many caches were in Macau.  And many of them were located in the historic parts of town, and took you around to some of the best tourist sites.  In fact, we realized that going after the caches was taking us on a sort of unofficial GeoTrail — and we LOVED it!  It made our experience so much fun, even though it rained quite a lot.  But we didn’t get all the caches, so we have a reason to go back again.


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