Eat or Be Eaten? Useful Hiking Guide to Flora, Fauna, and Animal Spotting in the USA

Hiking with Views

Getting outdoors and going on a hike is one of our favorite things to do, especially when the weather is beautiful.  While we wouldn’t consider ourselves hardcore, expert trekkers who go into the woods for days at a time, we do enjoy a good day hike (especially if there is a Geocache to be found somewhere along the trail!).

We love to get outdoors to breathe the fresh air, admire the natural scenery, and get a bit of exercise too.  However even if you are not an expert at hiking, you should learn the basics of survival in case of an emergency; and this includes knowing a bit about the plants and animals that you may encounter.

Liz hiking

So before you go on your next hike, check out this useful hiking guide about the flora, fauna, and how to spot animals around the USA!


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