Flying Can Suck…But it Doesn’t Have To

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or you’re taking your first flight, flying can suck. It doesn’t have to though. Here are 4 tips to help you enjoy your journey. Kick back, relax into your flight and look forward to your adventure.

Be Grateful

This one may sound obvious but it’s not always. In our busy lives we so often forget to stop and smell the roses and be grateful for what we have. Chances are even if you’re racing to catch a flight, you’re seated next to a screaming baby or you’re in front of someone who kicks, you’ve still got it pretty good.

Sure you’re crammed into a noisy metal object in the sky but it could be worse. A lot worse. Just 70 years ago, if you wanted to fly from Sydney to London it would take you 55 hours flying time over a 4 day journey. Today that flight is only 17 hours over 1 day. Sure 17 hours is still a long flight, but be thankful you don’t have the flying time your grandparents did.

Make Seating Arrangements

For the most comfortable ride, always try to score the best seat you can. While you may not have the funds for an upgrade to business or first class, there are still some things we can do as economy passengers to get a better seat. Whether you prefer a window seat to get those views or you prefer an aisle seat to stretch out your legs, try to reserve your preferred seat in advance.

Consider your options, is it more important for you to be able to get up and walk around? Then reserve an aisle seat. Instead, if you’re going to be on a long flight and you’re worried about sleeping on the plane, you may prefer the window seat, to act as a little bed nook in the corner.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

There is nothing worse than getting seated next to an obviously sick person on a flight. Drink plenty of fluids for a week or two before your trip to help boost your immune system. If the worst should happen and you’re seated next to a sick passenger who simply cannot help but sneeze and cough and splutter all over you, your mind will be more at ease knowing you’ve done everything you can ahead of time to avoid catching whatever they have.

Plan Your Escape

No I don’t mean jumping out of the plane with a parachute when things get to be too much. Instead plan ahead to help your mind escape the flight. Being around a group of strangers all crammed together over a long period of time can be uncomfortable for some and downright excruciating for others. Bring some work with you on your flight. This is the perfect time to catch up on spreadsheets.

While this will certainly help to make some of the hours on board go by faster you’ll still need some serious on board entertainment. Don’t forget a great set of headphones and your big screen phone or tablet packed with ebooks and movies. When it’s time to get a little shut eye, an eye mask will go a long way to keeping you sane.

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