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April Recap

Wow, another month flew by!  We have both spent most of the month working our tails off at our teaching jobs here in Guangzhou. But we’ve had some fun too!

We ventured into the city center for a night to watch a professional soccer (football) match — and the home team won!  In fact, Guangzhou has one of the best teams in China — and they are known to win a lot of games.

We had never been to a professional football game before, and it was really interesting to see it in China.  What love they have for the home team.  And Josh was super stoked to find a “Nike” jersey for the home team outside the stadium for a whopping $3 USD!

Guangzhou football game

Cheering on the home team with our friends in Guangzhou – our first football game!

Aside from that, we were excited to discover a 24 hour spa in downtown Guangzhou that blew our minds. We loved hanging out in our “pj’s” that they gave us, lounging in comfy chairs in the movie theater, playing pool, getting massages, and sleeping! Yeah, it’s 24 hours…so you can sleep too!

It was like being on a cruise ship, where you just go from floor to floor looking for entertainment…and stopping by a restaurant every few hours for some food.  But here, everyone was hanging out in their pjs and getting pampered – it was awesome!

I also got my health check for my working visa, so that required another visit to the local clinic and a full body check up. I can’t get over the efficiency.  I literally went door to door and got everything checked out – the ENT, next to the eye doctor, next to the X-rays, then across the hall to the ultrasound, etc.  It’s crazy.  I was done in less than 1 hour – and it cost me hardly anything (without insurance)!

Liz at dr in china

Laughing with the eye doctor at the International Travel Health Clinic here in Guangzhou.

We also had to make another quick trip to Hong Kong for a visa trip – but while there, we had a blast (as usual).  And we finally had a chance to check out some other sights of Hong Kong that we hadn’t seen before.  So it was a really nice, and relaxed visit.

The website is doing well for us too.  And we are excited to roll out some new features for our visitors, especially in the “Plan Your Trip” section.  We love being able to help make it easier for our readers to find deals and put their own vacations together.

Here is a quick rundown from April, 2015 during our Around the World Journey!

Balance April 2015 = Surplus of $1170

Expenses:  $1230

Accommodations: $410

  • Rent – $330
  • Misc. utilities & property management dues  $80

Transportation, Food, Fun, Misc. Cash (all lumped together): = $820

* includes a trip to Hong Kong (hotel and transportation) + $140 for a new visa for Liz

Income = $2400

Highlights from April 2015

  • The number 9 spa in Guangzhou! Who doesn’t like being pampered for 24 hours, and just hanging out in our pj’s with a bunch of strangers!
  • Visiting the Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong. Of all the times I’ve been to Hong Kong, I always forget about this place, but it’s easy to get to and SO worth the visit! My new fave!
  • The soccer (football) game in downtown Guangzhou, it was a blast with our local friends
  • Hitting our goal of bookings from our hotel affiliates, which means that our highest payouts are coming soon 🙂
  • Participating in our first language exchange here in Guangzhou, and actively improving our ability to speak and understand Mandarin Chinese!

Favorite Moments

Liz:   My favorite moment by far was visiting the Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong. It was one of the most beautiful places I have seen – and just my kind of place. It was so peaceful and inspirational. I loved the perfectly manicured gardens and serene atmosphere. Adding to it, was the yellow pine wood from Canada that made up all the buildings, which gave off a wonderful scent!

Josh:  No doubt, the No. 9 spa was my more favorite moment. With my background working at a 5 star spa for years, I am a real sucker for some relaxation and pampering. This place is so cheap (by US standards) but you get so much — the only bad thing is that I want to go there every week! We probably shouldn’t spend that much on a spa each month, but it’s so tempting. I love that place, and it’s going to make it hard to go back to the States without one of those back home!

pjs at the spa

Everyone rocks these outfits at the spa – hanging out playing pool, eating at the restaurant, watching movies…and getting pampered! We LOVE it!

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