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13 Travel Boards to Follow on Pinterest

With over 70 million users on Pinterest and even more boards, it can be a little tough to know what boards are worth following. So we’ve gone through and chosen some of our favorite boards – to help you get started. For those of you just getting into it, Pinterest is a great tool for Travel Planning and by following the best Pinterest boards and some amazing Pinterest Travel Pinners, you will gain inspiration, ideas, and many other helpful tips and tools to help you plan your travels.  Here are some of our top travel boards to follow on Pinterest.

Top Travel Boards to Follow on Pinterest


What we love about this board is just how inspirational it is.  It really shows off how beautiful the Earth really is.  You can easily get lost in the board, letting your daydreams run wild as you enjoy photos from all the beautiful exotics place you wish to see one day.

Pinterest Travel Board created and managed by bailey from Coffee & Crayons



Travel Tips

We can all use some insight on travel planning and tips.  And there is honestly no one better than the traveling parents, professionals, and Pinterest experts Caz & Craig from yTravel Blog.  Not only have these two have seen and done it all (or really close to it all), they have amassed over 4 million followers on Pinterest!  Their Travel Tips board is a GREAT Pinterest board with a wide range of travel tips for all kinds of travelers.  We’re sure that you will find it useful immediately and start repinning items to your own travel boards.  They have amassed over 4 million followers on Pinterest.

Pinterest Travel Board created and managed by Caz & Craig from yTravel Blog

Travel Tips - yTravel


Adventure Travel

No list about travel would be complete without something from the Lonely Planet.  We like following this board to get ideas about adventures around the world.  This is a group board with a few guest pinners on there, but the guest pinners on here are all world renowned travel writers.  So you will definitely find some of the best travel and adventure links from around the web on this board.

Pinterest Travel Board created by Lonely Planet from

Adventure Travel


**Travel Advice from the Pros**

This is a group board that we created when we first started out on Pinterest.  But we wanted to expand the board beyond just our knowledge, so we opened it up to fellow travel writers from around the world.  It has turned into a great resource for travel tips and advice for a variety of travelers.  We go to this board a lot when we need detailed info or budget ideas for a certain trip. Be sure to follow this board on Pinterest too!

Pinterest Travel Board created by Peanuts or Pretzels from

**Travel Advice


Cultural Traveler

Being curious and culturally sensitive travelers, we are loving this Pinterest board.  Here you will find some great articles on shopping, eating, and experiencing different cultures from around the world.  So if you like to travel to experience the true culture of an area then make sure to follow this board for some great information and ideas.

Pinterest Travel Board created by The Planet D from

Cultural Travel


Best Street Food

Street food is AWESOME!  We love scoping out local street food when we travel, and sampling it (sometimes it’s better than restaurants!).  But even when we are not traveling, we are reminiscing about the best street food we had in the past, or looking for recommended street food to try during our future travels.  So if you are a street food lover too, this is a great travel board to follow on Pinterest!

Pinterest Travel Board created and managed by Eating The Globe Food And… from

Best Street Food


Yahoo Travel Explorers

This board is a must follow for travelers as well.  It’s also a guest board that is ran by Yahoo Travel, and has given some of the best and most experienced travelers around the world access to pin all of their best articles to it.  So if you want to follow a Pinterst board that is loaded full of great info about destinations from all around the world, definitely follow this board.

Pinterest Travel Board created by Yahoo Travel from

Yahoo Travel Explorers



If you are an adventure seeker, here’s another Pinterest board for you to follow.  This guest board is filled with breathtaking treks and extreme adventures from all around the world.  Your wanderlust and adrenaline will be pumping browsing through this board.  So if adventure is your thing, follow it!

Pinterest Travel Board created by Tammie




Personally, we believe that some of the best travel advice and stories come from travel bloggers who are out there experiencing it and documenting it for others.  So this Pinterest group board is a highly recommended one to follow because it hosts such a large variety of stories from different travelers. Make sure to follow this board to hit all of your travel senses & find out about other great bloggers that you may want to follow.

Pinterest Travel Board created by Fun Food Travel by



Travel Budget

lAh, travel inspiration is one thing…but budgeting for travel is a whole other animal entirely!  We can all use a little guidance when it comes to travel budgets.  So this is a good group board to follow to find and pin money saving ideas for travel, as well as getting budget information on certain destinations around the world to help with your planning.

Pinterest Travel Board created by Nomad Wallet from

Travel Budget



Wanderlust is one of the big advantages to Pinterest over all of the other social media sites out there.  And this board will let your daydreams fly high into the sky.  With over 1.4 million followers, join this Pinterest board you will be surrounded by fellow day dreamers and travel lovers.  Let your wanderlust run wild!

Pinterest Travel Board created and managed by Jennifer Chong | See and Savour from

Wanderlust - Jennifer


Places to visit before you die

Here is another wanderlust group board that is full of amazing pictures and articles to get your inspiration flowing.  The list of places to visit before you die can be endless, but with the help of this board, it’s possible to narrow down — or at least keep organized — all the places YOU want to visit in your lifetime!

Pinterest Travel Board created by 100 places to visit before you die from

Places to Visit Before you Die


UNESCO World Heritage Sites

We are history nuts, and definitely love to explore historical sites when we travel.  So a Pinterest board list would not be complete without a board from Gary Arndt.  Gary is easily one of the best travel photographers in the world, and his pictures of UNESCO world heritage sites are jaw dropping.  It has been his goal over the past several years to visit all of them around the world.  Yes all of them.  Follow this board as he continues his journey around the world photographing some of the world treasures!

Pinterest Travel Board created and managed by Gary Arndt from



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