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Fun Things To Do In Georgia

While we love traveling all over the world to experience new cultures, food, and landscapes, we also believe it’s important to explore your local area!  Especially here in Georgia, there are so many things to see and do within a short drive.  Whether it's a weekend at...

“Borrowing” WiFi to go Geocaching in Edinburgh – Scotland

When visiting the amazing country of Scotland, we started our journey off in Edinburgh.  We were really looking forward to exploring The Royal Mile in Old Town and what else Edinburgh had to offer.  Before acquiring our Garmin GPS handheld we would, and still do, use...

5 Steps to Save Money for Vacation

People often think that you need to have a lot of money in order to travel, but that's not actually true.  The key is how you choose to spend the money that you have, and how you choose to save money for vacation. People tell me all the time how much they would love...

Geocaching in Thailand – Railay Beach

Locating a cool geocache in Thailand isn't too hard because they are everywhere; and you are on vacation in Thailand, so that's already pretty awesome!  The toughest part was deciding where we wanted to find our first in Thailand.  When we arrived in the...

How to Spend a Weekend in London

Are you dying to use your passport to go on an international adventure, but you are short on vacation time?  Well, how about spending a weekend in London?  Some of you may think that it's crazy to fly all the way across an ocean just for a long weekend, but I say "why...

Geocaching While Cruising the High Seas

Typically, people either like cruising...or they don’t.  Liz and I are on the fence though.  While we love backpacking and going on our own, we also enjoy the carefree ways of cruising.  Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and relax on a leisurely cruise vacation;...

A Golfer’s Heaven – The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

Growing up playing golf with my buddies, we would always talk about this mystical place in Scotland, St. Andrews.  This name rings bells for golfers because we all know it to be the home of golf.  All golfers, from the first time you took a golf club in your hands,...

Road Trip to an Island: Key West, Florida

When looking for an island vacation, many people look toward Hawaii, the Bahamas, or the Caribbean; but what if you don’t have a passport or don’t want to fly halfway across the Pacific Ocean?  How about the good ol’ Florida Keys!  With beautiful weather, clear blue...

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