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Budget Travel Tips: Tourism Boards are Awesome!

For us, travel is all about the experience – whether it’s dining out, chatting with locals, participating in cultural experiences, or unique and exciting activities.  Being a budget traveler doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the quality of your travel...

Geocaching Road Trip in the Florida Keys

Last October Liz and I decided to get married in a non-traditional way and have a long weekend party in Key West, FL.  We flew to Miami and drove the rest of the way down to Key West.  This is one of the best drives in the world; crossing over bridges that connect Key...

Tying One On at Monday Night Brewing – Atlanta, GA

Monday Night Brewing - Atlanta, GA "Weekends Are Overrated."  That's the motto for Monday Night Brewing here in Atlanta, Georgia and the spirit we love.  Only a short drive from downtown, the founders truly believe that good beer should be enjoyed any night of the...

How to Visit Seattle During a Layover

We always try to make the most out of traveling & get the most for our money.  So on our way from Atlanta to Asia for a 10-day adventure, we booked separate tickets & made a stopover for a night in Seattle (saving over $1500 on airfare).  We figured it would...

5 Perks of Staying in a Hostel

Josh and I enjoy a variety of accommodations when we travel.  However, we have realized that when we first decide to visit a destination we always tend to look up hostels first.  While it's true that not all hostels are created equal, there are some pretty great ones...

What is an EarthCache? A Geocache with a View

One of the reasons that we enjoy geocaching is that it can educate you on local history, science, architecture, and natural landscapes.  There are actually several different types of geocaches that you can discover, but one of our favorite types geocaches are...

Fun Things To Do In Georgia

While we love traveling all over the world to experience new cultures, food, and landscapes, we also believe it’s important to explore your local area!  Especially here in Georgia, there are so many things to see and do within a short drive.  Whether it's a weekend at...

“Borrowing” WiFi to go Geocaching in Edinburgh – Scotland

When visiting the amazing country of Scotland, we started our journey off in Edinburgh.  We were really looking forward to exploring The Royal Mile in Old Town and what else Edinburgh had to offer.  Before acquiring our Garmin GPS handheld we would, and still do, use...

5 Steps to Save Money for Vacation

People often think that you need to have a lot of money in order to travel, but that's not actually true.  The key is how you choose to spend the money that you have, and how you choose to save money for vacation. People tell me all the time how much they would love...

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