5 Reasons You Should Stay at a Disney Resort

A Disney vacation is at the top of most families’ wish lists, and for good reason.  The incredible experiences that can be had during a Disney vacation will create memories that last a lifetime.  Being huge Disney fans, as well as spending years working for “the Mouse” myself, we have stayed at a number of Disney resorts and other hotels in the area.  So we know first hand the differences and benefits of Disney resorts.  Although they can be pricey, here are 5 reasons why you should stay at a Disney resort!

Resort Room View

1. Convenience

People underestimate the importance of having a hotel that is convenient to the Disney action.  There are a lot of things to do on Disney property such as shopping and entertainment, miniature golf, restaurants, etc. and you will want to be close to everything.  But most importantly, you will want to be close to the theme parks.  I can’t tell you how great it is at the end of a long 12 hour day in the parks to have a short, easy ride to the hotel!  You will be crazy tired!

Downtown Disney at night
Downtown Disney is full of entertainment, restaurants and shopping!

Plus, the Disney hotels make it easy to pop in and out of the parks as much as you want.  Want to avoid the crowds?  Then go to the park early in the morning as soon as they open, then leave in the afternoon when it is the hottest and most crowded.  Return to your hotel and swim in the pool, or take a nap.  Then return to the park in the evening after dinner.  You will be amazed at how much more enjoyable of an experience you will have with this convenience.  After all, vacations shouldn’t be stressful!

2. Ambiance

Another aspect about the Disney resorts that I truly love is that you feel like the “magic” is around you all the time, even when you leave the theme parks.  The design of the resorts are top notch, each with their own unique theme.  If you stay at the Polynesian Resort, you will really feel like you are in Hawaii!  From the music, to the architecture, to the waterfalls inside the lobby, and volcano slide by the swimming pool.   It’s like a mini-vacation within a vacation!

Walt Disney World - Disney's Polynesian Resort - Great Ceremonial House - Lobby Waterfall (2)
Creative Commons Disney’s Polynesian Resort – Great Ceremonial House – Lobby Waterfall” by Jared is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

At the Wilderness Lodge, you emerged into the beauty of what feels like Yellowstone and Yosemite National Park!  With erupting geysers outside, streams that cascade down rocks into the swimming pool, and even to the deer hoof prints in the concrete out on the grounds, it is pure tranquility.  Another amazing resort is the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  You will absolutely feel like you are on an African Safari – even having the ability to sit on your balcony and look at giraffes, zebras, and wildabeasts outside your room!

Disney resorts transport you to a whole different world, and that is really what we love about them!


3.   Superb Service & Quality

Disney is known for its top notch quality, service, and attention to detail.  So staying at a Disney resort will give you an experience that surpasses nearly every hotel in the area.  The resorts are kept in good condition, and the rooms are designed specifically with the needs of families in mind, including options for cribs and rollaway beds.  You will see friendly faces, and many cast members who will go out of their way to do little things for you to make your day.

Mickey Mouse Waffle

The concierge services provided at Disney Resorts are extremely helpful.  There is so much to do at Disney, and it can be overwhelming to plan your visit.  Disney staff can help tell you what’s going on each day, park hours, and any special events or shows.  They can also help with dinner reservations, show tickets, or anything else that you might want to do.  Their recommendations and tips are valuable!  They can definitely help you to get the most out of your vacation.

4.   Amenities

The amenities at Disney Resorts are fantastic.  Not only are you in the middle of everything, but they offer free transportation to and from the parks, as well as all around Disney property (which is quite large in Florida!).  They also have a Disney’s Magical Express service that will take you to and from the airport, even picking up your luggage and checking it for you on your return!  From the start of your trip, they help to take away your worry so that you can truly enjoy your visit and there is no need to even rent a car.

Disney Magical Express Bus
Creative Commons Disney Magical Express Bus” by Michael Gray is licensed under CC BY 2.0

When you book a Disney vacation package, you have the option to bundle a number of items together in one lump price.  From park tickets, show tickets, dining plans, etc. this makes it convenient for budgeting during your trip.  Another perk to staying at a Disney Resort is that if you buy anything while you are out at the parks, you do not have to carry it with you all day (which is always the worry when you find a great souvenir).  When you make your purchase you can just ask them to send it to your hotel, and the Disney cast will take care of it for you – how awesome is that?!?!   Oh, and it’s a free service at no additional charge!  Click here to learn more about package pick up, hotel delivery, and home shipping!

5.   Activities Galore

You will never be bored at a Disney Resort.  From awesomely themed swimming pools, pool parties with live DJ’s, spas, boating (and even fishing at some hotels), outdoor movies, roasting s’mores over the fire, wildlife viewing, and bike rentals.  There are also a number of great restaurants, including dinner shows.  Each resort has plenty to offer, but you can “hop” around to visit different resorts and enjoy their amenities too. You could spend a couple days enjoying all the things there is to do at your hotel without even stepping foot into a theme park.

Staying at a Disney Resort is an Experience In Itself!

So overall, staying at a Disney Resort is more than just a place to store your luggage and rest your head at night, it is an experience in itself.  With so many things to do, such convenience, service, and ambiance, these resorts are very much worth the price.  The point of a Disney Vacation isn’t just the rides in the parks, but the experience of transporting yourself into a different world.  A place where you can be a kid again and your family can make memories together.  So staying at a Disney Resort is the perfect way to do just that, as well as easing your stress.  Just relax and enjoy, after all that’s what a vacation is all about.

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