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Save Money on Your Next Vacation, With Geocaching #TravelCaching

We love travel and we love to save money on vacation.  And of course we love exploring all the different destinations that we visit.  Whether we are road tripping it across the USA, hanging out in Seattle for a weekend, or traveling to Dublin or even Cambodia, we are...

Hong Kong Big Bus Tour – Hop On / Hop Off As You Wish!

Hong Kong Big Bus Tour is a great way to see this amazing city.  I've visited Hong Kong during my own solo travels, but Josh had never been.  So I was very excited to show him around during our recent weekend trips to Hong Kong.  Since we were limited...

Geocaching China with 1 Billion Muggles

Liz and I are having a bit of a dry spell when it comes to Geocaching since we arrived in China over two months ago.  For starters, we have been extremely busy getting settled into a new job, apartment, and adjusting to a new culture.  China has been different than...

Around the World Adventure – January 2015 Recap

Wow - our time living in Guangzhou, China has been flying by!  January came and went with a blur and somehow, I'm a couple weeks late in getting this recap together! We spent the month of January getting used to our new lives in China, and working.  Josh is really...

The Best Men’s Pants to Travel the World…and Make Money!

As we were preparing to embark on our around the world trip, we knew that traveling light would be the key. However, we were also planning to do some work along the way by teaching English.  So I needed to include some nicer clothes, even a pair of slacks.  This made...

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