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Travel Basics: Explore Beautiful Laos

Dubbed the “Land of a Million Elephants”, Laos is steeped in the mystery of Old World Orient offering a haven to nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts the world over. Laos is a landlocked country in southeast Asia, nestled between Thailand and Vietnam.  With Cambodia...

Travel Itinerary: 3 Days in New York – Long Weekend

Travel Itinerary:  3 Days in New York City New York City is the largest city in America -- and there's nothing like it anywhere in the States.  The great thing about it being such a massive, dense city is that there are many things to do in a small...

Tips for Planning a Trip With Friends

Do you want the freedom to explore your dream destination without the loneliness of solo traveling? Then consider planning a trip with your friends. Traveling with friends can not only help to strengthen friendships, but it also allows you to create some awesome...

Travel Itinerary: 3 Days in Paris – a Long Weekend

Travel Itinerary:  3 Days in Paris - a Long Weekend Many travelers to Europe will make the rounds to big cities, like Paris, but only have a few days to visit.  However, people living in the States who are just looking for a long weekend...

Travel Itinerary: 3 Days in London – a Long Weekend

Travel Itinerary:  3 Days in London - a Long Weekend Many people plan a trip to London for only a few days, because they are then planning to head off on a larger vacation around the area.  Especially for people coming from the States, London is a great place to start...

Recommended Vang Vieng Hotels for all Budgets

Even though Vang Vieng, Laos is a small and rural tourist town, there are a growing number of Vang Vieng hotels to choose from.  Choosing the right accommodation in Vang Vieng really depends on your budget and interests. Vang Vieng Hotels - Dorms to Luxury! Vang Vieng...

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