Beach Packing List – What to Bring with You

When you are planning for a beach vacation, you don’t want to have to worry about much of anything.  All you want to think about is laying on the beach enjoying the sun rays, listening to the waves in the background and feeling the sand in your toes.  But you also don’t want forget to something at home that might make or break your vacation at the beach.  So to help make your life easier leading up to your trip, here is a quick reference beach packing list.

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Add These Awesome Items to Your Beach Packing List

Beach Blanket – Geko Active Nylon Beach Blanket

Love the beach, but hate the sand all over everything?  We are loving this travel beach blanket — and it’s definitely something you will be glad to bring with you.

Sandless Beach Mat

The Geko Active Nylon Beach blanket is made of parachute nylon material, making it incredibly light weight and easy to pack!  You can anchor down all four corners into the sand to ensure that it will not fly away.  And when it comes time for clean up, the parachute material makes it easy to pick up and shake off in the wind, leaving all the sand at the beach…where it belongs (not in your car).


Mountainsmith Collapsable Cooler

Mountainsmith Cooler

A collapsible cooler is an item that you will want to make sure to add to your beach packing list.  Especially if you are flying to your beach vacation, the collapsible option lets you easily pack your clothes and other items into this cooler and use it as your carry on or checked luggage.

It’s nice to have a convenient option to those big, bulky and heavy coolers.  Having a cooler filled with snacks and drinks always makes a better beach vacation experience for you and the family.


Wireless Speaker – ZENBRE Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Speaker for Beach Vacation Packing List

If you are like us, then you love having a bit of relaxing background music to enhance your fun at the beach. So having a small, waterproof bluetooth speaker will make your beach experience that much better.  Add it to your beach packing list so that you don’t forget it!


Beach Game – Sand Hole Beach Game

Beach Games

This is the perfect game for those who visit the beach and love the game corn hole.  Typically, corn hole equipment is large and heavy — so it’s really not ideal to bring to the beach (or on an airplane).  This game is made of parachute material, making both packing and clean up much easier.  This is a fun beach game that you can easily bring with you- so add it to your beach packing list!


Have Fun During Your Beach Vacation!

Being prepared for your beach vacation can make a world of difference in the enjoyment of your trip.  Hopefully this Beach Packing List will help you feel prepared, without having to worry or stress about what to pack for your beach trip.

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