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Hiking Tips for Colorado to Make Your Adventure Unforgettable

It is no secret that Colorado has some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world. Whether you choose to hike the Fourteeners, a trail in Rocky Mountain National Park, or a little-known trail near a beautiful water feature, it is always a good idea to be...

Our Kona Coffee Plantation Tour with Hula Daddy Hawaiian Coffee

Who loves coffee?  Well, I know we certainly do.  So during our visit to the Big Island of Hawaii, we were ecstatic to learn that we could visit a working Kona coffee plantation.  Even though we love coffee, we had never been to a working coffee plantation before, nor...

Who Says You Need to Be Rich to Travel?

I can't tell you how it pains me to hear these words "wow - you two must be rich to be able to go all these places."  It pains me because it simply isn't true.  There are many ways for people to travel with very little to no money, it just takes a will to do it and...

18 Things We Will Miss About Living in Asia

It's hard to believe that it's been well over two years since we last stepped foot on US soil.  It's been quite a journey for us, and it's crazy to think about all we've done.  Camping next to waterfalls in New Zealand, taking part in Thai TV game shows, sleeping at...

Travel Itinerary: 1 Week Highlights Thailand Itinerary

Travel Itinerary: 1 Week Highlights Thailand Itinerary Thailand is an amazing place, and you can easily spend many weeks (or months) enjoying this wonderful country.  But if you can only get 1 week off from work for your trip to Thailand, then...

Driving Iceland’s Ring Road

Iceland is a hot travel destination right now, and will likely continue to be for some time.  We've been wanting to get to Iceland for years now and have yet to fit it into our schedules.  So for this guest post from a fellow travel nut, we are happy to have Tim from...

Why You Should Visit Hawaii On Vacation But Not MoveThere

** The following is a Guest Post from Valen Dawson, a fellow "travel nut" and blogger at This Way To Paradise. Since I have a website about beaches and islands, I decided to move to Hawaii. I didn't make this decision completely blind. In the past, I lived here for...

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