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Best Geocaching Adventures of 2014 – Peanuts or Pretzels

  This year marks the fourth year that Liz and I have been geocaching.  And we have to say, this year has been the best yet. Geocaching has taken us to so many awesome places during our travels and created some pretty great memories, especially since we've...

Christmas at Disney Parks Around the World

One holiday tradition for our family is to celebrate Christmas at Disney parks.  In particular, we usually visit Walt Disney World for Christmas because it is close to our home of Atlanta, Georgia.  However, Christmas and holiday celebrations take place at Disneyland...

Don’t Feel Like an Ass! How to Taste Wine Properly

Most of us will agree that there is a certain level of sophistication that is associated with those who drink wine. Just the title wine connoisseur alone sounds a bit pretentious. This can be intimidating for a newbie who is genuinely interested in learning about...

Spending Christmas at Disney Resorts is the BEST!

As we mentioned in our post Why You Should Stay at a Disney Resort, there are a number of benefits to staying on property at a Disney hotel. From the ambiance, to the convenience, to the extra perks, and the great service. But spending Christmas at Disney resorts is...

Walking INSIDE a Volcano! Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Growing up I had always wanted to see a volcano in person that was until we visited Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii. Don’t know why really, I just always thought it would be cool.  To see and touch the black lava rocks and know that it came from underground, and...

13 Gifts for Travelers that Everyone Will Love

Do you have a traveler in your family?  Or a good friend who loves to explore the world?  Whether it is Christmas, a birthday, or any occasion, you can't go wrong with gifts that are actually useful to them on the road.  Here are some of our favorite gifts for...

That Time I was on a Thai Game Show, and Lived to Talk About It

Not many people around the world start their day normal and end with an appearance on a Thai Game Show.  The day began normally, as any other here in my new home of Chiang Mai. I woke up in our new apartment just outside the old city, near the train station, made some...

Explore Unforgettable Milford Sound, New Zealand

Our boat bobs up and down on the glorious turquoise water on this brisk morning. The misty air feels refreshing on our faces makes, and breathing in the incredibly fresh air makes us feel alive! Clouds move quietly all around us, periodically uncovering the towering...

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