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Hatfield McCoy House GeoTour – Williamson, WV

Hatfield McCoyThe Hatfield McCoy House GeoTour is one of the first of its kind.  Not only is full of history around the infamous Hatfield & McCoy family feud it is one of the first GeoTours based around GeoArt.  This 150 geocache GeoTour is will take you all around beautiful scenic country roads of Southern West Virgina and Eastern Kentucky.  This famous feud that was highlighted in short mini series on the History Channel, is one with rich history for the area.  You are now able to step into history and relive this bloody family feud while exploring the are on the GeoTour.  You can also enjoy the Hatfield McCoy GeoTrail.

New to Geocaching?

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Hatfield McCoy House GeoTour - 150 Caches

**While doing the GeoTour you are going to need a few extra things in your cache toolbox.

  • A Pack of Chewing Gum 🙂
  • A padlock or hasp lock to leave for the locks of love cache.
  • A gallon of Water (no really you will want this for the caches, not to drink)
  • A battery
  • A Flashlight for the Night Cache if you are doing it after dark.
  • A QR Reader on your phone if you want to do the QR Cache.
  • A GPS that can find a Garmin Chirp if you want to do the Chirp, Chirp cache.
  • A phone or GPS with the ability to do a Wheirgo if you want to do the most amazing Wherigo cache, written by Bill Richardson.
  • A screwdriver for HMHG 144 the Magic 8 Ball Cache and Wendy's Photo Booth Cache.
  • A Rock of some kind with your cacher name on it for the "Are we off to a Rocky Start" cache.

Hatfield McCoy House GeoTour 1-50 caches

Hatfield McCoy House GeoTour 51-100 caches

Hatfield McCoy House GeoTour 101-150 caches



Hatfield McCoy House GeoTourHatfield McCoy House GeoTour

Start Planning Your Trip Now!

Not only do we love to Geocache, but as you can tell, we love to travel!  We've put together all the information you need right here to help you plan your trip and start making reservations.

hatfield mccoy house inn logoThis GeoTour is brought to you by the Hatfield McCoy House Inn, a historic B&B in Williamson, West Virginia.  Owned by Wendy, the Geocacher who created this awesome GeoTour, staying at the Inn gives you a chance to experience the history of the area more closely, and you may even get to chat with Wendy...a descendant of both families!  Plus, you will get special gifts for the trail, unavailable to non-guests.  Click here to visit their website & check availability.

** Click here to read our interview with Wendy all about this GeoTour & the original Hatfield McCoy GeoTrail - the one that started it all!

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