Travel Itinerary Template: Cheat Sheet for a Trip

Sometimes nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned piece of paper!

Get Your Ultimate “Cheat Sheet” and Stay Organized for Your Trip!

After years of traveling, I’ve come up with a way to keep myself organized on the road…without carrying a binder of paper work and confirmation emails!  Over time, my word documents and note pages evolved into this simple 1-page “cheat sheet” — which includes all the important little details for my trip.  It keeps me from scrambling around on the go, and doesn’t keep me dependent upon smartphones and wifi.

For just 99 cents (the price of a cheap cup of coffee) you can save yourself the headache & time of creating your own – and modify mine to suit your own needs.  It’s already done for you! 

Where else will you find this detail in one place?

** In this download, you will receive a ZIP file with both a MS Word Document and a Mac Pages document **


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