In today’s world of technology, more and more people have moved from taking still photos to videos.  Portable devices such as GoPros and iPhones are not only easy to use and accessible, but they have great quality and can be used to shoot a variety of videos — from family gatherings, vacations…and even for businesses!  In fact, video content is some of the fastest growing content on the internet — and it’s being shared like crazy on social media.

The point is, now it’s easy for people to get video footage…but the difficult part is making a final video that is interesting, fun to watch, and share-worthy.  That’s where Dream It Reel can help.  You just upload your raw footage, and they edit it to make an awesome video!

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It’s Not Easy to Make Videos that Don’t Suck

Liz and I have been dabbling with video for a little while now. We started out making videos to highlight some of our geocaching adventures during our travels around the world.  At the time, I thought to myself “that’s cool, lets make a video!” But I would soon realize just how difficult it is to cut and put together a good quality video.

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Not only do you need to invest in decent video editing software, but you must also invest a LOT of time.  This is especially true when you are new to video editing and still learning.  Not only that, video editing is definitely a skill — and not an easy one that can be acquired overnight.

Sure I think some of our videos turned out ok, but I always felt like they could be better.  While I’ve done a lot of reading online to try to learn how to improve our videos, I could also take some classes.  But again, this is a big time commitment — and I just don’t have the time, or patience.

Professional Video Editing Services Cost a Fortune!

After quite some time, I started to wonder if it was worth my time to make videos (and learn how to make them better).  After all, our ultimate goal is not to be professional videographers.  But the alternative to editing the videos myself is to hire an editing professional…and professional video editing is quite expensive!

Based on our experience working at larger companies in the past, editing a video that’s just a few minutes long can cost thousands of dollars!  Definitely NOT something we want to spend our money on.

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That’s why we were excited to discover Dream It Reel, because they gave us just the solution we were looking for.  They take your raw video footage and turn it into an amazing adventure video. The best part is that it’s quick, and doesn’t costs an arm and a leg!

Turn Your Next Family Vacation Video Into Something You Actually Want to Watch!

How many of you have long and boring family videos sitting around your house?  What about a bunch of cool video footage on your phone from an entire trip, and you want to be able to watch it at home or send it to people?

As travelers, we really think the Dream It Reel concept can change the way families document their vacations.  Now you can turn those videos into something fun and interesting, and be able to easily share them with people!

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Video your next hiking adventure with your friends or your entire spring break vacation and Dream It Reel can turn your raw footage into whatever you like.

Want a comedic theme? A serious adventure theme?  Whatever your vision, with just a bit of direction they can use editing techniques, text displays, and music to make your experience come to life in an entertaining way!  Now you can get a home video that the family actually wants to watch years down the road.  The possibilities are endless — and it’s affordable, that’s what’s great about it!

Now we can all have cool videos.

Save Money on Professional Videographers for Family Events

Outside of traveling, people can save money on professional videographers and editors for special family events.  Family reunions, anniversaries, and weddings are all events where you can capture your own video and put together an inexpensive, fun video to remember the event.

I wish we could have had something like this years ago so that we could have made a badass wedding video!  Unfortunately, we did not get much video of our blowout wedding in Key West, otherwise we would be getting a video made now!  So even if your wedding was years ago, if you have old video footage, send it to the team and start making your video to surprise your significant other for a birthday or anniversary.!  You’re Welcome 🙂

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You can even team up with your friends or family from across the country (or around the globe) to create a combined video with different footage. For example, maybe there is a birthday video you want to put together for someone, but it’s too tough to get the family together in one place. Have everyone in the family create a video with their devices, upload to Dream It Reel’s website and they can make a combined video that will last a lifetime!  Or maybe you ask guests from a wedding or anniversary party to send in their cool video footage so you can get a video from different perspectives!

How Does It Work?

It’s simple. You shoot, you upload, and they do the rest.

You can upload your raw footage via dropbox or you can upload your files directly to the site. It is free to set up an account and once you have your footage uploaded, you can then choose which package you would like to purchase. You can also include some notes about what you would like to see, or if you want to add some special text in the video.

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After your footage is uploaded, the Dream It Reel Team will be in contact with you.  They will ask questions, and you can review the video and have some edits before finalizing.  So you can still have some creative input in the process, but you are not having to do the work yourself!

Our Experience Using Dream It Reel for a Video

As mentioned before, we really wish that Dream It Reel was around for our wedding.  We also would have shot more video on our Around the World Journey and had them make some videos for us.

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However, we did test their service out ourselves with a recent video about our experience Geocaching around Sukhothai, Thailand!  This was the perfect test — because we LOVED our adventure in Sukhothai.  But we knew that we didn’t have the time, or the skills, to put together a video that would do it justice. 

We can attest that the service was super easy!  We uploaded all of our footage via dropbox, gave them a bit of input regarding our vision, and off they went.  In no time at all, they sent back a link for us to review the first cut.  After making a few final edits and tweaks, they sent us a link to download the final video.

** Watch the video here **

Ancient kingdom of Sukhothai, Thailand

Ancient kingdom of Sukhothai, Thailand

We were extremely thrilled with the service from the Dream It Reel team, and with our final product. We highly recommend Dream It Reel to everyone who wants to have awesome videos that will last a lifetime.

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