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Hong Kong – Travel Guide

Explore This Travel Guide to Hong Kong

One of our favorite places to visit, Hong Kong is an amazing mix of East and West.  For first-time travelers to Asia, Hong Kong is an easy place to visit, but even if you are a frequent traveler…Hong Kong never fails to disappoint.

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Top Hong Kong Experiences

Hong Kong really surprised me (Liz) on my first visit.  I traveled to Hong Kong on a complete whim — totally last minute…and alone!  Yet, I had one of the BEST vacations of my entire life!

Luckily, when Josh and I decided to live overseas for a few years we had the opportunity to live & teach English in Guangzhou, China — which is right near Hong Kong.  So we were able to visit Hong Kong regularly for weekend trips.  Turns out, Josh loves Hong Kong as much as I do, and we highly encourage travelers to visit this AMAZING city.

There’s more to Hong Kong than just the bustling, international city center.  Explore the many districts of Hong Kong to discover the Chinese / Cantonese culture.  Explore the many islands of Hong Kong to do some hiking and beach hopping — in fact, Hong Kong is an outdoor paradise with hiking and biking trails (you can even camp on the beach).  Don’t forget to visit the giant Buddha on Lantau Island, and possibly take a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland!

Even though accommodations in Hong Kong can be spendy, they are many cheap & unique accommodations in Hong Kong as well as plenty of free activities in Hong Kong to save money as well.  And with the awesome transportation in Hong Kong, you’ll be able to zip around the city and countryside with no problem.  So whether you decide to take in a museum, explore old fishing villages, or just relax on a Hong Kong beach – a visit to Hong Kong is always a good idea!

Downloadable Itineraries & Planning Templates

Hong Kong Blog Posts

Travel Itinerary:  Weekend in Hong Kong

Travel Itinerary: Weekend in Hong Kong

Travel Itinerary:  Weekend in Hong Kong Hong Kong is a popular global city, perfect for a stopover on the way to another destination -- especially in Asia.  While there are so many things that can keep you busy for weeks in Hong Kong, if you are only...

There’s More To Do in Macau Than Just Casinos!  Who Knew?!?!?

There’s More To Do in Macau Than Just Casinos! Who Knew?!?!?

There are relatively few people who know about Macau and the one's who do know may not know there is more to do in Macau than just going to the casinos.  And if they do know about this tiny region in China just across the water from Hong Kong, the first thing...

Top Rated Hotels & Hostels in Hong Kong

Top Rated Hotels & Hostels in Hong Kong

The vibrant and international city of Hong Kong is a prime destination for travelers who seek a taste of Asia with the amenities of a world-class city.  When planning a visit to Hong Kong, the accommodation options can be overwhelming, and the customer reviews...

Tai O Fishing Village on Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Tai O Fishing Village on Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Located on the far side of Lantau Island, far away from the hustle of Hong Kong city, Tai O is an old fishing village famous for both its stilt houses, and for its pink dolphins.  I had initially heard of Tai O fishing village while planning for my first solo...

Hong Kong Beaches & Islands

Hong Kong Beaches & Islands

When you picture tropical islands and beautiful beaches, you typically don’t think of Hong Kong. However, there is more to when visiting Hong Kong than just the busy city. In fact, Hong Kong is home to more than 200 different islands! While many of them are...

Hong Kong Public Transportation:  Getting Around Hong Kong

Hong Kong Public Transportation: Getting Around Hong Kong

People planning a visit to Hong Kong will discover that there are many options for Hong Kong public transportation, including buses, trains, MTR, ferries...and even old Victorian trams!  The best ways to get around Hong Kong will likely include a combination of...

It’s More Than a City!  The Many Hong Kong Districts

It’s More Than a City! The Many Hong Kong Districts

There are so many great Hong Kong districts.  Even though Hong Kong is relatively small, it's large when it comes to places to stay and things to do. Hong Kong is separated into districts, and each district offers a unique mix of culture, food, activities,...

Tips for Visiting Hong Kong (Travel Basics)

Tips for Visiting Hong Kong (Travel Basics)

When planning a visit to Hong Kong you will quickly realize how global of a city it is, but it's more than just a modern metropolis.  Those visiting Hong Kong for the first time might be surprised just how much there is to see and do in this seemingly...

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