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China, Asia – Travel Guide

Explore This Travel Guide to China

China is one of the hottest destinations for travelers around the world.  And while visiting the “Middle Kingdom” is on many people’s wish lists, traveling to China is not always easy.

After having living, traveling, and working as an English teacher in China for over 18 months, we’ve become experts on exploring this country!

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Travel Basics

Essential travel information about China, such as currency, transportation, climate & safety.


Major cities and regions of China that are worth a visit + our personal China travel advice, tips, and recommendations.


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Top China Experiences

One of the fascinating things about China is that it spans far ends of the spectrum.  It’s a country steeped in history, yet modern mega-cities like Shanghai can look like they are from the future.  There are high-speed trains zig-zagging across the country, speeding past rural farming villages where people ride rickety bicycles on dirt roads…yet talking on iPhones.

Major cities like Beijing and Shanghai are typically on visitors “must do” lists.  But don’t overlook smaller cities, like Chengdu — where you will find some of the spiciest food you’ve every experienced and the most adorable pandas!

However, while many tourists flock to places like Xi’an to see the Terracotta Warriors and wait in long lines, more adventurous travelers can have an entirely different experience biking in Yangshuo and gazing up at the stunning karst mountain landscape.  One of the most stunning regions we visited was the Yunnan region, and hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge was incredible!

Being such a massive country, it’s difficult to do it all in one trip.  But we highly recommend mixing it up and trying some more unique places rather than the over-crowded touristy spots.  We guarantee you the local experience and friendly people will give you something truly memorable.

Downloadable Itineraries & Planning Templates

China Blog Posts

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How to Travel Between Hong Kong and Mainland China

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How to Get a Visa for China

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My One Week in Beijing, China “cough, cough” (Literally…)

Getting more settled into our new lives here in China has been great. We have made wonderful friends, and honestly, they feel more like family.  I am loving my job as an English teacher in Guangzhou, loving the people I work with, and of course loving my students!  My...

Our First Week Living in China

Our First Week Living in China

Well we are here. Sitting in our 6th floor apartment, listening to the Chinese aerobics instructor in the nearby park shouting out different exercises (we think) on the microphone and hearing music pumping in the background.  Yes, we can hear this from our apartment. ...

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China Hotels – Explore Deals!

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