Our Around the World Adventure!

We quit our jobs, sold our belongings, and moved out of our townhouse in Atlanta to embark on this journey!  Fed up with only having a few weeks of vacation a year and a whole world that we wanted to see, we decided to do it now while in our early 30’s instead of waiting until retirement.

This section of our site is devoted to our Around the World adventure so that you can follow along, and perhaps be inspired to follow your dreams too!


Stories from Our Nomadic Life


Around the World Recap – March 2015

The month of March was a good one for us here in Guangzhou, China and we are really beginning to feel at home.  All of Josh's paperwork has become final, and so he was happy to receive his official China resident permit - so it is official that he legally lives in...

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Around the World Recap – February 2015

  Another month has gone by here in Guangzhou, China!  It's hard to believe that it's already been more than 2 months since we've been here in China.  We were reminded of this because we had to make a "visa run" to Hong Kong since our 60 day time frame on our...

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Around the World Adventure – January 2015 Recap

Wow - our time living in Guangzhou, China has been flying by!  January came and went with a blur and somehow, I'm a couple weeks late in getting this recap together! We spent the month of January getting used to our new lives in China, and working.  Josh is really...

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Our RTW Adventure: December 2014 Recap

The first part of December while we were still living and working in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we received some good news. Josh was offered a job as an English teacher in Guangzhou, China! It happened very fast, and we were quite excited for him to get such a great...

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Our First Week Living in China

Well we are here. Sitting in our 6th floor apartment, listening to the Chinese aerobics instructor in the nearby park shouting out different exercises (we think) on the microphone and hearing music pumping in the background.  Yes, we can hear this from our apartment. ...

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A Year in Instagram Review – Our Fan Favorites from 2014

We love sharing our photos during our travels around the world on our Peanuts or Pretzels Instagram account.  In 2014 we began to use Instagram more and more.  And we have loved the interaction from our followers and being able to share special travel moments with...

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