Our Around the World Adventure!

We quit our jobs, sold our belongings, and moved out of our townhouse in Atlanta to embark on this journey!  Fed up with only having a few weeks of vacation a year and a whole world that we wanted to see, we decided to do it now while in our early 30’s instead of waiting until retirement.

This section of our site is devoted to our Around the World adventure so that you can follow along, and perhaps be inspired to follow your dreams too!


Stories from Our Nomadic Life


Monthly Recap – August 2015

It's hard to believe that we have been in China now for over 8 months -- and we have been out of the USA for one full year!  The summer has been a hot one here in Guangzhou, and quite rainy.  But now it is kicking into Fall -- which is just beautiful here in...

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Monthly Recap – July 2015

The month of July here in Guangzhou was a little off for us.  I (Liz) was recovering from my broken foot, so the month wasn't all that exciting.  For the first two weeks of the month I stayed at home because I couldn't walk, and Josh was running errands to take care...

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One Year on the Road – Josh’s Oh S#@! Moments

Another bus, another destination on this life-altering journey.  I have grown to love a good long bus trip though.  I sit writing this on my way to Hong Kong to meet Liz.  She had to do some visa stuff in Hong Kong for a week, so I'm heading down to visit; a rare and...

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Monthly recap – June 2015

The month of June was HOT here in Guangzhou.  We are getting used to the heat when we go outside, and cranking up that a/c when we are inside.  We worked a lot during this month, trying to get some new things up and running on the website, so again...another month...

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Remember the Time I Broke My Foot…in China!

Here I am in China, propped up on the hideous (yet surprisingly comfortable) green velour sofa in our apartment, overlooking our balcony and surrounding high-rise apartments.  The sofa cushions and pillows have been rearranged so that I can sit sideways, and elevate...

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Around the World Recap – May 2015

Yet again, I can't believe it's time to do another monthly recap!  Seriously, where did May go???  We were lucky enough to have my parents and aunt come to visit us for a week during the middle of May.  During their visit, we were super excited to finally go on a...

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Around the World Recap – April 2015

Wow, another month flew by!  We have both spent most of the month working our tails off at our teaching jobs here in Guangzhou. But we've had some fun too! We ventured into the city center for a night to watch a professional soccer (football) match -- and the home...

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