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Home to 1.4 million Kiwis (people – not birds, or fruit) and a whopping one third of the countries entire population.

Auckland is a serious melting pot of cultures, take a short walk down Queen St – the busiest street in the city, listen carefully and you might hear 7 different languages and twice as many different accents! Auckland’s food scene certainly reflects it’s multi-cultural makeup with a huge variety and shear number of different ethnic restaurants – Hari Krishna – check, Thai – check, Mongolian – check, fish and chips – triple check.

It’s not just the food that’s the draw card, Auckland has a solid dose of the Californian style beach culture – but something that is uniquely it’s own. With beaches, parks, forests and vineyards through out the city, you are never far from nature, which is one of the biggest reasons that makes the region so popular and liveable.

Here are ten of the best things to do in Auckland that Auckland’s actually do themselves. You won’t find many same color hat wearing herds being lead around by a flag waving tour guide at any of these spots!

Non-Touristy Things To Do In Auckland By Short Term Renting
Courtesy of: Short Term Renting

Bonus recommendation for our readers!

Dress-Smart in Onehunga

Open 7 days 10am-5pm
Address: 151 Arthur Street, Onehunga
  • The biggest clothing outlet mall in NZ – this is where Auckland’s go to keep their wardrobe looking sharp on the cheap
  • TIP: Don’t miss the favorite local brands like classy men’s wear specialists Rodd and Gunn and adventure wear experts Kathmandu

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