We are very excited to catch up with Shereen and Dylan of The Travel Post Box, a great travel directory and website full of travel reviews.  These two have always had a passion for hospitality and tourism, so it's fitting that they have made travel their job!  Their blog, The Traveling Postcard documents their personal experiences as they work and travel the world together.  Let's learn more about these two and their Love of Travel!


In this edition of the Love of Travel series, we caught up with an inspirational Slovak-Italian traveling couple who chose to not only live a life of travel around the world, but to pursue an all around healthier lifestyle!  By giving up things like tobacco and alcohol, and replacing it with yoga, meditation, and massage, their spirits have been awakened.  Meet Ivana and Gianni from "Nomad is Beautiful" and be sure to check out their site at:  http://nomadisbeautiful.com and learn all about healthy travel. [caption id="attachment_6038" align="aligncenter" width="512"]Nomad is Beautiful, Love of Travel, Travel interviews, nomad, living, travel, travel blogs, travel for life, Morocco, couples travel, Meet Ivana & Gianni from Nomad is Beautiful[/caption]

We caught up with Lina & Dave prior to their Gap Year (actually 2 year) break where they will take on the world!  We asked them a few questions about the way they travel as well as countries that have surprised them along their journey thus far.  Meet Lina & Dave from Divergent Travelers! [caption id="attachment_3997" align="aligncenter" width="576"]Divergent Travelers, Love of Travel Series, Couples Travel, Cambodia, Mexico, Living the Dream, Balance, Interview, Meet a traveler Meet Lina & David from Divergent Travelers[/caption]

During this installment of the "Love of Travel" Series, we want to introduce you to Frank and Nicole (The Wondernuts - Travel Blog).  They strive to better themselves through experiences while traveling, and believe in building their bond as a couple through travel.  They do all this while maintaining careers at home.  They prove that you can balance all of this while traveling and seeing the world. [caption id="attachment_3743" align="aligncenter" width="540"]The Wondernuts, Love of Travel, travel couples travel, adventure, interview, meet traveling couple, Frank & Nicole Meet Frank & Nicole - The Wondernuts[/caption]
Have you ever thought of traveling the world long-term?  For this edition of our "Love of Travel" series, we caught up with Jeremy and Angie of Living the Dream Travel Blog (http://www.livingthedreamrtw.com).  They are currently on their second around the world trip, and just returned from climbing to Mt. Everest Basecamp.  They've also written a book to share their long-term travel planning tips, so be sure to check it out:  "The Long-Term Traveler's Guide." [caption id="attachment_2951" align="aligncenter" width="621"]love of travel series, living the dream travel blog, long-term travel, travel blogger interviews, travel blog tips, around the world travel tips, peanuts or pretzels travel blog Enjoying the view.[/caption]
For this edition of our "Love of Travel" series, we caught up with our friends Donny and Tamara of Turtles Travel blog (http://turtlestravel.com).  These two enjoy traveling slowly and deliberately (like turtles) and love living their nomadic lifestyle.  With their adventurous spirit, enthusiasm, and tons of great stories from their travels around the world, you can't help but be overcome with the feeling of wanderlust.  Donny and Tamara have some pretty amazing stories from their around the world adventures, so we wanted to share some of their stories and tips with our readers.
[caption id="attachment_2308" align="aligncenter" width="560"]tagong, adventure travel, turtles travel blog, travel blogging, peanuts or pretzels travel blog Turtles Travel in Tagong, China[/caption]