Plan Your Trip

It’s Your Trip.  Plan It However You Want.

We love travel, it’s kinda our thing!

Ready to Start Planning?  We are always happy to help people who are planning trips, it’s our passion.  Whether it’s sharing with you some of the tools we use to book trips ourselves, sharing our travel advice with you…or even doing the work for you!

But we know NOT all trips are created equal.

We believe it should be up to you – The Traveler – how much planning you do on your own versus getting help from us.

This page is put together to make Trip Planning Easier for YOU, and to see how we can help you in your planning.  You can easily choose how much help you want for your specific trip.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Some trips are simple and straightforward, and  you can easily book (and research) them on your own.

Here we’ve put together all the resources (and links) that we use to plan our trips.  This makes it easy for you to search the best prices and plan your trip!

We’ve also included some useful travel planning tools and sample itineraries for popular destinations to help guide you in the DIY planning process.

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Search for Flights & Compare the Best Prices From Multiple Airlines and Consolidators


Find Accommodations & Compare Prices Among a Variety of Tools – All of Which We Have Used for Different Trips

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Since we love travel – and helping people with their trips, it only makes sense that we actually travel agents too.  Check out our dedicated agency website for current deals from our network of global travel suppliers – including, hotels, rental cars, flights, cruises…and much more!  

logo-agodaOur other go-to favorite hotel booking tool!  With one of the largest selections of accommodations from around the world (especially in Asia), we have found Agoda to be a great booking tool.

Not only is it user friendly and easy to filter, but we have found great deals!  Use the search box in the side bar to find hotels now, or use the button below to go to their site. is also one of the most popular hotel search and booking engines, especially for Europe and North America.

Airbnb logo We are HUGE fans of using Airbnb while we travel!  Airbnb is an alternative to hotels and provides more of a unique, local experience.

Personally, have loved our experience staying at Airbnb’s from New York to Hawaii!

bannerHostels – Budget Accommodation

HB Banner 468x60 More interested in budget accommodations, such as hostels?  We’ve also linked up with hostelbookers to provide our readers with a wide selection of discounted hostels all around the world.

Rental Cars

Search & Compare Prices of Rental Cars Around the World


Search & Compare Popular Tours & Activities

Viator (click the banner to browse)
Paris Tours

City Discovery – (click the banner to browse)
Book Sightseeing Tours, Day trips, Activities and Things to do with


As travel agents, we have access to awesome cruise deals!


popjourneys logoWe have contracts with all the major suppliers, including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Celebrity, Norwegian, Disney, Holland America…and many others!

Don't Forget to Protect Yourself!

Travel Insurance Isn’t for the Expected…You NEVER Know!

We hear people all the time say “oh I don’t plan on canceling my trip.”  Well, we also never plan on getting hurt or losing our luggage – but it happens.  You won’t regret buying it, but you will regret it if you don’t buy it and end up needing it.

Insurance is always a confusing topic.  But it’s an important one.  We break it down for you here in this post, or you can click on the picture below to read more.

Why You Need International Travel Health Insurance - FB

MEDEX Travel Insurance

MEDEX is a highly reputable company that offers a variety of affordable travel medical insurance plans, as well as options for trip cancellation, interruption and lost luggage.

Want a Little More Help?

Not only are we passionate travelers, full of useful tips and advice from our personal experiences…but we are also certified travel agents.  So we can combine our knowledge with industry connections to help you even more!

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  • More travel options & packages
  • Direct access to global suppliers
  • Flights, cruises, tours, Disney packages and more!
  • Preferred vendor rates
  • Special promotions and agent only deals

Everyone’s Needs are Different.  Simply Choose the Right Package for You!

Package 1:  Travel Advisor

Travel Advisor - Services


A Little Help From Us Can Go a Long Way

Some trips are easy enough for you to book on your own.  But sometimes you have just a few questions, or want recommendations to help guide your booking process.  As your travel advisor, we can help you:

  • Initial email and / or Skype consultation about your needs and wants
  • Basic trip proposal – including sample itinerary
  • Personalized booking advice with easy-follow links for DIY reservations

** Receive Agency-Only Deals & Promotion Rates! **

More Help – For Complicated or Longer Trips

(great for first time international travelers!)

Sometimes you want more help,, beyond just a few questions and answers.  You may actually want someone to assist you with the planning process, giving you advice and even sample itineraries and recommendations.  As your travel consultant, we can help you:

  • Initial + follow-up email and / or Skype consultations about your needs and wants
  • 2-3 trip proposals – including itinerary options personalized to your preferences
  • Recommended hotels, cars, activities, flights, etc.
  • Personalized booking advice
  • OPTIONAL:  Links for booking on your own, or have us book it for you (for a small additional fee)

** Receive Agency-Only Deals & Promotion Rates! **

Package 2:  Travel Consultant


Package 3:  Travel Planner


Sit Back & Relax – We Will Handle It All For You!

There are times when you just don’t have the time or energy to plan a trip.  Maybe you really don’t know where to go, or what to do…and you don’t feel like sorting through all the details yourself.  As your personal travel planner / agent, we can help you:

  • Unlimited communication via email, phone, Skype about your needs and wants
  • Custom trip planning with proposals & itineraries, personalized to your preferences
  • Recommendations, personal travel advice, tips, and assistance
  • Agent only deals, promotions, packages, and perks!

** We book everything for you! **

FREE to Request a Custom Quote from Us

Custom trips vary greatly — some will be easy for us to help you with (and cheap) while others might be more involved.  If you want a custom trip, it is FREE to send us a request for a quote — please be sure to provide us as much detail a possible in your order so that we can put together an accurate quote for you.