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5 Reasons You Should Stay at a Disney Resort

A Disney vacation is at the top of most families’ wish lists, and for good reason.  The incredible experiences that can be had during a Disney vacation will create memories that last a lifetime.  Being huge Disney fans, as well as spending years working for “the Mouse” myself, we have stayed at a number of […]

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Maker Madness Geocaching Event (The Waysider’s Way!)

  During the week of March 28 – April 7, 2014 Geocaching promoted community events directed toward those who find enjoyment through hiding Geocaches.  There were several events held all over the world in hopes of teaching more about the art of hiding geocaches, as well as a way to earn a coveted Geocaching Souvenir.  […]

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Top 5 Things to do at Disney World for Adults

When it comes to having a relaxing or romantic couples vacation, the words “Disney World” don’t exactly fit.  Even mentioning the words “Disney World” to some adults could bring about an involuntary twitch. Their fear is the combination of heat and humidity with huge crowds, long lines, and hyper (or crying) kids is like pure […]

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Money Travel Tips

Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, managing your money while you are traveling can be a bit stressful.  This is especially true when you are dealing with exchange rates and foreign currency!  But with some advanced planning, you can minimize your worry while traveling and make sure that you are prepared for most anything […]

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Stay at Chichen Itza Mexico – the Amazing Mayaland Resort

It was nearly dusk, and after a day of driving from Cancun and exploring colonial towns and the countryside on our way to Chichen Itza Mexico, we were tired & anxious to arrive at our hotel.  Finally, we started seeing the signs for the famous archeological site, Chichen Itza, and then a sign for the Mayaland […]

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Best Travel Apps – Our Favorites!

Okay, so every travel blogger has this post, but I always seem to learn something new when I read them; so here’s our edition!  It’s not a surprise that travelers love mobile technology.  For the most part, Josh and I try to limit our technology use when we travel so that it doesn’t interfere with […]

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Confessions of a Former Solo Traveler

I feel guilty.  Yes, I do.  Not that I’ve done anything wrong, but I have these thoughts sometimes.  You see, I’m a traveler at heart.  I grew up traveling with my family, and as a young adult female, I continued as a solo traveler.  It was scary, yet empowering and I learned so much during […]

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Beyond the Postcard – Riding the Train in Thailand Through the Countryside

We woke before the sun had risen to make sure we didn’t miss the 6 am train.  We were leaving from the outskirts of Bankgkok, and would be riding the train in Thailand through the countryside to the Cambodian Border.  Being outside the city center, the train station we were departing from was full of […]

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Escape to the Emerald Isle: a Musical Tour of Ireland – Video Blog

Come with us to explore the beautiful Emerald Isle, on a video musical tour of Ireland.  Whether you’ve traveled to Ireland before, or if you are simply dreaming of visiting in the future, you are sure to be inspired.  With background music by a local band we met in Dublin, Mutefish, the Irish spirit will […]

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Budget Travel Tips: Tourism Boards are Awesome!

For us, travel is all about the experience – whether it’s dining out, chatting with locals, participating in cultural experiences, or unique and exciting activities.  Being a budget traveler doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the quality of your travel experience.  Our first recommendation for finding low-cost or free activities at a destination is […]

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10 Reasons for Solo Travel in Hong Kong (even solo female travelers)

Back when I was a single female (before Josh came along), I wanted to travel, but it was always difficult to find others who could travel with me.  If this is the way you feel…don’t feel stuck…just go it alone!  Traveling alone an be a wonderful experience, full of personal growth and introspection.  Some females […]

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